2 Pack Diamond-Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Trays with Lids, Bella Vino BPA-Free Stackable Easy Release Ice Molds Multifunctional Storage Containers for Ice, Whiskey, Candy and Chocolate (Blue-2Pack)

Product Description

This is a kind of unique ice maker mold. It is great fun for kids, and makes practical, awesome-looking ice cubes for adults. Highly recommended!!!

Bella Vino is our brand. We focus on providing you safe, good-quality kitchenware supplies. Doctor Hetzner is a brand of Bella Vino.

Package includes: 
Ice cube trays x 2
Small silicone funnel x 1

Compared to other products, our advantages are:
1. The ice cube tray material is made from food-grade silicone, and after high-temperature sterilization and secondary vulcanization, its flexibility and service life in enhanced.
2. Diamond-shaped and vibrant colors offer a visually pleasing experience.
3. The product is heat resistant up to 200°C. Below 200°C it will deform easily.
They are widely used in bars, bakeries, confectionery factories, restaurants (cold drinks, puddings, pastries, confectionery production, kindergarten and at children's play time (Plasticine or mud mold etc).

How to make the shape of the diamond ice cubes look perfect?
1. Pour your favorite liquid with our small funnel.
2. Then press the edge of the ice tray to let excess water out.
3. Freeze for a few hours or overnight.

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