Bagail Essentials Reusable Mesh Produce Bags, ECO-Friendly, Washable, Lightweight, See-Through, Perfect for Grocery, Shopping, Storage, Fruit, Vegetable and Toys(Raw Organic Cotton,9PCS (2L+5M+2S))

Product Description


We need to save sea animals!

We are shocked at the numbers of dolphins, whales, and turtles that die from the mistakely eating of the plastic waste. Almost one million birds die from getting entangled by plastic bags every year. Although a lot of environmental companies and public institutions are doing the cleaning job and trying to reduce the plastic poluttion, the best and most efficient way is to stop using it!

Bagail Reusable Mesh Produce Bags for fruits and vegetables are the practical option for the Zero Waste lifestyle. These reusable and washable mesh bags is perfect to use at the grocery store or farmers’ market. The environment-protect bags are the ideal choice to replace the one-time-use plastic bags. It`s a brilliant way to save the environment by choosing the reusable items to reduce carbon emission and plastic pollution.

Available in 3 different sets with various sizes, and all reusable produce bags come with a drawstring -

9 Pcs Set - 2S+5M+2L / 12 Pcs Set - 3S+6M+3L / 16 Pcs Set - 4S+8M+4L

Small (8 x 10 in) / Medium (10 x 12 in) / Large (12 x 17 in)

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