Coleman Divide+ 275 lm LED Headlamp with Battery Lock
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Coleman Divide+ 275 lm LED Headlamp with Battery Lock
Coleman Divide+ 275 lm LED Headlamp with Battery Lock
The battery lock system on a Coleman Divide+ 275L LED headlamp stops battery drain, so you'll have the power you need when you need it most. On a normal headlamp, there is typically some residual drain as long as the battery is connected in the circuit, even when the light is off. With a simple pull on the front of the face, you can completely disengage your batteries, so they can be stored in your headlamp for years (up to their inherent shelf life). you'll also reduce the toxic corrosion that can damage your headlamp. Using your headlamp is as easy as protecting it. Just slip on the fully-adjustable head strap and use the single-button to easily cycle through seven modes - high and low spot to see off in the distance, high and low flood to view a wide area, and also between red, blue and green modes. No matter the situation, from power outages to roadside emergencies, a headlamp with the battery lock system is ready, even when you aren't. 7 modes: high spot, high flood, low spot, low flood, red, blue, green. Runtime: 2.5 hours (high spot), 6 hours (high flood), 12 hours (low spot), 60 hours (low flood) beam distance:65 m(high spot),55 m(high flood),10 m(low spot),25 m(low flood).

From the manufacturer

Multi Color Camo Headlamp Multi Color 150L Headlamp 100L Headlamp Divide Plus 225L Headlamp Mini Youth Headlamp
Beam Distance 78m (high) 55m (high); 25m (low) 70m (high); 40m (medium); 25m (low) 65m (high spot); 55m (high flood); 10m (low spot); 25m (low flood) 16m
Lumens 75 (high) 150 (high); 30 (low) 100 (high); 45 (medium); 20 (low) 225 (high spot); 100 (high flood); 50 (low spot); 20 (low flood) 8
Features 5 light settings: Includes red setting for night vision and blue setting for blood tracking Fully adjustable headstrap for comfort; headlamp pivots so light can be aimed where needed Fully adjustable headstrap for comfort; pivoting head aims beam where you need it Fully adjustable headstrap for comfort; BatteryLock System stops battery drain to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion to protect your device; allows batteries to be stored in your device for years Fully adjustable headstrap for comfort; lightweight at only 1.2 oz. with batteries
Modes 5: high, medium, low, red, blue 5: high, low, flashing, red, blue 3: high, medium, low 5: high spot, high flood, low spot, low flood, red N/A
Run Time 7.45 hours (high) 5 hours (high); 25 hours (low) 8 hours (high); 20 hours (medium); 45 hours (low) 3.5 hours (high spot); 6 hours (high flood); 12 hours (low spot); 60 hours (low flood) 9 hours
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