Charity Battery CB1270 12V 7Ah Bruno Electra-Ride Stairlifts Battery MK Battery ES7-12 Replacement - 2 Pack
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Charity Battery CB1270 12V 7Ah Bruno Electra-Ride Stairlifts Battery MK Battery ES7-12 Replacement - 2 Pack
Charity Battery CB1270 12V 7Ah Bruno Electra-Ride Stairlifts Battery MK Battery ES7-12 Replacement - 2 Pack


Charity Battery 12 V 7 Ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries with F1 Terminals are constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat AGM technology which allows a completely maintenance-free and high-performance operation. Fiberglass mat separators and high cell compression extend battery life by delivering superior vibration resistance from the most extreme conditions. All 12 Volt 7 Amp Hour Charity Battery AGM batteries are manufactured under Japanese Quality standards, Environment Certificated Plant and facilities with:

Product Description

Charity Battery

Charity Battery is a subsidiary of AAA Security Depot which was established in 1991. Since our inception our company has sourced products from the finest factories.

In December 2004 our family was blessed with the birth of our daughter Raquel. To the surprise of our family and doctors we shortly found out that our daughter has a spectrum of Cerebral Palsy and Autism.Raquel is now a teenager and functions that of a newborn baby. She does not walk or talk and has limited vision. Her form of communication is by making noises. Thru all her challenges Raquel brings a lot of joy to our family. She loves music, the water and going for family drives.

Our family's desire is to make Raquel's life as happy as possible with her special needs.

Thru our journey with Raquel, we have met numerous children with limitations that require therapies, numerous doctor visits and special equipment to help children live happy lives. Charity Battery's mission is to help special needs families to afford these expenses.

Charity Battery will provide all adminitrative expenses and donate 5% of all revenues from Charity Battery sales and 100% of all revenues receive from battery recycling. All donations will be applied to equipment purchases and therapy.

We thank you for supporting our cause.

Best regards,

AAA Security Depot Family

Perfect replacement for:

RBC2, RBC17, RBC51, RBC59, 12-621, BP7-12, BP7-12-T2, BP7.5-12, BP8-12, CFM12V6.5, CP685AVR, DG12-7, ES7-12, EVX1270, EVX1270F2, GP1270, GP1270F2, GP1272, GPL1272F2, GT026P4, HE12V7.7, HR9-12, HR1224WF2, J1260, J1265, LC-R127R2P, LCR12V6.5BP, LCR12V7.2P, LCV 12V-7.2BP, NP7-12, NP7-12-1, NP7-12FR, NPW36-12, PC1270, PE12V6.5, PE12V7, PE12V7.2, PS-1270, PS1270F2, PX12072F2-HG, PXL12072, Ryobi 182391, SLA1075, TPE12V7.2F2, UB1270, UB1280, UP-RW1245P1, WP6.5-12, WP7-12, WP7.2-12

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