Plastic Zipper by The Yard Bulk 5 Yard Black Zipper Roll for Sewing, Replacement, Upholstery with 10 Sliders, Size 10 Coil; by Mandala Crafts

Zipper Size 10
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Product Description

Have you been bogged down in your zipper sewing project by the wrong size of zipper? Not anymore! This kit of plastic zipper by the yard will be a game changer. You can cut the length as desired and there will be no more digging around for specific sizes of zippers. The molded plastic zipper is lighter than metal zippers and way easier to cut and sew. Make today to the day to repair your broken suitcase or duffel bag. The substantial long metal pull sliders are easy to grab and go right on with no fuss. The zippers zip fluently and are free of catching or snagging.

The zipper is sturdy and heavy-duty enough for residential and industrial uses. From boating cushions to piano cases, it will cover it all. The contemporary zipper design will add style to jackets, fashionable dresses, skirts, or costumes. For businesses, this stylish zipper is uniform and consistent and will add a professional touch to your designs. For crafty people, this zipper is good for creating sleeve and collar plackets, pet clothing, doll dresses, or even canvas kennel door fasteners.

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