Ausranvik 26-Quart Portable Freezer Portable Fridge Car Refrigerator Car Fridge -4°F ~ 68°F

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Product Description

General Introduction

The Ausranvik portable fridges are designed to provide excellent cooling performance, even at extreme ambient temperatures and with minimal power consumption, it could freeze down to -4°F (-20°C) and keeps the food frozen for a long time. They can be used as standard refrigerator as well as freezer, and the power cord enables you place it wherever you want, backseat or even the trunk.

Battery Protection

You could select High, Mid and Low protection level according to your battery capacity. No matter in which level, the circuit board keeps monitoring the input voltage and it will not drain the battery.

Other Features

There is a USB port on the control panel, when it is plugging to the cigarette lighter socket you can recharge your smartphone or other electronic gadgets conveniently.

The smaller section is not as cold as the main section, if there is anything you prefer it stays cool instead of frozen, the small section is for you.

Your possible other concerns..

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Yes, there is a drain plug in the bottom of the car fridge, simply unplug it and the water will drain automatically.

Q: Would it be troublesome to set the temperature every time you use?

A: Only the first time you use it you need to set your desire temperature, the temperature control program remember your setting forever until you change it by yourself.

Low Energy Consumption and Reasons Why


In MAX mode, the power consumption is 45W; in ECO mode, 27W only.

It consumes even less power than the headlight of your car.

When you power it on, no matter in MAX or ECO mode, the fridge starts cooling to your desire temperature.

What would happen when it gets to the setting temperature? The compressor shuts off, stops drawing electricity from your battery.

To this point, the insulation plays an important role - it keeps the cold inside of the fridge. As long as the temperature stays stable, the compressor will stay off most of the time.

The above diagram, is a true test result from our lab. Room temperature 77F degree, with the fridge full loaded with bottled water, MAX mode. It took several hours to go below frozen temperature (temperature sensor placed in the very middle of the fridge), then we disconnected it from power source and the computer recorded the temperature data. For more than 10 hours, the temperature stayed below 32F, without the compressor ever kicked in.

If only you don't open the lid frequently or place the fridge nearby a heat source, the fridge will stay at your setting temperature for a long time, without consuming much energy.

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