VATOS Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit 12 Pack,Discover 12 Different Dinos, Easter Eggs Archaeology and Paleontology Toy Dino Egg Excavation Kit STEM Toys for 6,7,8,9 Year Old Boys Girls Kids Gift

Product Description

dinosaur egg


Different from the science books which make kids boring, the dinosaur egg excavation kit encourages children to learn about science of paleontology with fun via digging up the dinosaur egg. Before diging, you don't know which dinosaur is in the egg. It's easy to stimulate kids' interest to exploration. Every dino egg is a surprise.

After digging the dinosaur out, kids eager to know more about it. The dino cards will be helpful now. Each unique dinosaur is with a unique colorful learning identity card which describes name, characteristics, habit and history of the dino.

Each egg is with a individual chiseling tool, which is great for group activity at home or in the classroom. Play it with families to increase Parent-child interaction. Dig it with friends to cultivate kids' social ability, make more friends with the same interest and learn together.

This STEM toy is extraordinarily educational as well as entertaining for children. Moreover, our dino eggs kit can be an excellent birthday, festival gift for boys & girls, the best educational and learning toy! Our dinosaur egg toy will bring your kids more than a toy.

dino egg dig kit

Dinosaur list:

Tyrannosaurus Rex x 1; Ouransaurus x 1; Triceratops x 1; Spinosaurus x 1; Stegosaurus x 1; Ankylosaurus x 1; Giganotosaurus x 1; Apatosaurus x 1; Plesiosaur x 1; Corythosaurus x 1; Stegoceras x 1; Parasaurolophus x 1

dino egg

Dinosaur eggs Kit Included:

1* User Guide.

12* Clay Dinosaur eggs.

12* different dinosaur in the eggs

12* Chisel/Brushes.

12* Dinosaur Learning Cards.


Material: Clay, PVC

Recommended Age:6+

CAUTION: Please Do Not allow children to put any part of the product into the mouth. Never leave your children unattended.

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