Natural Latex Pillow (Standard Size, Soft), with 100% Organic Cotton Cover Protector, Hypoallergenic, No Toxic Memory Foam Chemicals, Helps Relieve Pressure, Sleeping Support, Back and Side Sleepers

Product Description

OrganicTextiles is a company based in Southern California that specializes in the making of natural and organic home & bedding products. Such as pillows, bed sheets, baby crib mattress pads, comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads, latex toppers, bath robes, towels etc. We're pioneers in developing organic healthy products in order to eliminate harmful dry-cleaning solvents and toxic chemicals (ex. vinyl, polyester, petroleum-based additives, etc.) in home and bedding products. Apart from our products being all organic and natural, they're also highly sustainable products and safe for the environment. Many of our products carry a GOLS or GOTS CERTIFICATION, the regulations these certifications require ensure that individuals involved in making our products have fair wages, ethical living conditions, health benefits and ensures overall concern for the environment and community as well.

We here at OrganicTextiles care for our customers health and we strive to provide our customers a better sleep without putting them or their family’s health at risk. The Organic and natural ingredients in our products provided you with superior comfort and positive long-term health benefits for a healthier and better life. While organics is still evolving, we constantly are evolving our products to perfection and our journey to convert conventional home and bedding products into 100% organics and naturals, continues. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Natural Latex Pillows are made from the highest quality 100% Pure Natural Latex and contain no memory foam, no synthetic latex or chemicals. The washable Organic Cotton pillow cover and unique body heat regulation Pin-Core Design allows you to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long. These Standard Natural Latex Pillows are best suited for individuals who prefer softer latex pillows as they offer a supportive cradling effect which make them ideal for anyone suffering from neck and spinal pain.

  • Made from the highest quality 100% natural latex. Maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature from its design and contents. Covered by removable and washable organic cotton cover.
  • Hypo allergenic and anti-microbial. Prevents growth of harmful bacteria.


narural latex pillow standard size bed pillow dunlop talalay nek head

  • Unique Pin-Core Design - Superior air flow, Prevents moisture build-up.
  • No memory foam (made of synthetic chemicals), no gel (pthalate by product)
  • Maintains shape and size for over 5 years


  • Standard 25 x 16 x 5.5
  • Queen - 30 x 16 x 5
  • King - 34 x 16 x 6

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra-Firm

latex pillow toxic free organic gols gots certified pillow bed sleeping head neck dunlop talalay

  • Sleep easy at night knowing that you’re not being exposed to chemicals.


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