Bel-Art Spinbar Teflon Elliptical (Egg-Shaped) Magnetic Stirring Bar; 63.5 x 19mm, White (F37130-0212)
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Bel-Art Spinbar Teflon Elliptical (Egg-Shaped) Magnetic Stirring Bar; 63.5 x 19mm, White (F37130-0212)
Bel-Art Spinbar Teflon Elliptical (Egg-Shaped) Magnetic Stirring Bar; 63.5 x 19mm, White (F37130-0212)


Size:2-1/2 x 3/4" (63.5 x 19mm) Size:2-1/2 x 3/4" (63.5 x 19mm) This product reduces friction and increases effectiveness in round-bottom flasks. Research, industrial and healthcare professionals rely on SP Scienceware for their sample handling needs. Sold worldwide, Bel-Art and H-B Instrument brand laboratory supplies include over 5,000 items from safety wash bottles to fume hoods, thermometers, racks, desiccators, hydrometers, ice buckets, scoops and spoons. Custom calibration services, plastic molding, specialty coatings and wire manufacturing are also available. Wilmad-LabGlass brand laboratory glassware complements Bel-Art and H-B Instrument with over 7000 items including NMR and EPR consumables and specialty glassware, as well as custom fabrication for individual glassware, glass repair services and OEM glass parts. SP Scienceware is a division of Warminster, PA based SP Industries which also include SP Scientific laboratory, thermal management, and pharmaceutical production equipment and SP Ableware aids for daily living.

From the manufacturer

Use for General Stirring Applications Use for High Temperature Stirring Use for Viscous Solutions High Speed Stirring Use for Abrasive Slurries Extended Stirring Applications
Brand / Type Spinbar Teflon PTFE Spinbar Pyrex Glass Spinbar Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Spinfinity
Magnetic Type Alnico Alnico Samarium Cobalt Alnico
Covering Teflon PTFE Clear Pyrex Glass Teflon PTFE Plastic
Features / Benefits Wide selection of shapes and sizes to fit vessels of all types; Individual shapes create different vortexes for efficient and effective stirring Heated stirring applications up to 274°C (525°F) Reliable Magnetic Coupling – Superior magnetic energy reduces frequency of spinout in the most vigorous applications Durable – Last 2.5 to 3 times longer under conditions known to traditionally cause material breakdown
FDA grade Teflon PTFE low friction coating is durable and inert Glass casing has zero absorption and porosity FDA Grade Teflon PTFE low friction coating is durable and inert Outer shell made from FDA approved materials
Color selection for color-coding work processes Distinct Color – Green color lets you quickly identify Spinbar Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Distinct Color – Quickly identify the Spinfinity difference by its purple color
F37130-0038 F37130-0058 F37130-0034 F37130-0001 F37130-0114
Size ⅜ x ³/₁₆" (9.5 x 4.7mm) ⅝ x ¼" (15.9 x 6.35mm) ¾ x ⅜" (19.1 x 9.5mm) 1 x ½" (25.4 x 12.7mm) 1¼ x ⅝" (31.8 x 15.9mm)
Fits Round Bottom Flasks 10 and 25ml 10 and 25ml 10,25,50,100ml 100 and 200ml 300 and 500ml
F37130-0112 F37130-0158 F37130-0002 F37130-0212 F37130-0003
Size 1½ x ⅝" (38.1 x 15.9mm) 1⅝ x ¾" (41.3 x 19mm) 2 x ¾" (50.8 x 19.1mm) 2½ x ¾" (63.5 x 19mm) 3 x ¾" (76 x 19.1mm)
Fits Round Bottom Flask 300 and 500ml 500 and 1000ml 2000 and 3000ml 3000 and 5000ml 12000 and 22000ml
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