Butane Torch Kitchen Torch Lighter Culinary Butane Torch Refillable Professional Flame Adjustable Blow Torch for BBQ Creme Brulee Cooking Cigar Grill Torch Lighter Gun(Butane Gas Not Included)

Product Description

Why choose Megainvo kitchen Blow Torch?

  • Anti-flare material and the safety lock provides a high level of safety.
  • Extended and angled nozzle keeps your hand away from the hand gives more precision in controlling of the flame.
  • The flame level can be easily controlled by the flame adjusting knob. Allows flame temperature from 900 ° C/1652 ° F reach up to 1300°C/2372°F.
  • The base and safety stand helps it to stand without any support on the countertop and ensures a secure hold on the canister and prevents toppling.
  • The durable metal body which resists corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty use in a kitchen environment.
  • It has a unique feature for keeping the flame burning continuously, which means you would not have to hold down the button to keep the flame turned on.

Multifunction Kitchen Torch


  • Have you ever watched a cooking show and saw the way the chefs used a gun-like kitchen gadget throwing flames at their dish or dessert like a superhero and wished you could have it as well? The awesome tool they were using is something called a kitchen torch with alternative names like a culinary torch or cooking torch and is a type of butane torch. Megainvo's blow torch can develop flames that can be of temperatures as high as 1300 degree Celsius (2372 F). These can be used to bring out textures and flavors in the food you cook, through techniques that involve using the kitchen torch.
  • So if you are serious and passionate about cooking, or simply want to try out interesting cooking technique using the kitchen torch, it is a must-have in your kitchen gadget collection. Not only are these kitchen torches essential for creating that delicate, gorgeous crust on top of your Crème Brulee, they can do other things like charring the exteriors of frozen steaks, crafting your Sous vide steak, smoking herbs to bring out their flavors, charring vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, crisping bacon for your breakfast, toasting marshmallows during camping, to brown sophisticated desserts like Baked Alaska and meringues, etc.
  • The list can go on and on but before you get too hungry reading about all the food you can process using kitchen torches, we want you to know that there are other things besides cooking or making desserts, which you can do with one of these torches in your hand. They can also be used to smolder zinc or silver plating on jewelry, to light a cigar, to craft exciting drinks at a cocktail bar or be used to melt acrylics on your next art project. As you can see, a simple kitchen torch can open the door to a world of possibilities as long as you stay creative and let your imagination flow.
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