Zone Tech Wooden Beaded Car Driver seat Cushion - Natural Double Strung Massaging Universal Comfortable Car Seat Cover Cushion with High Ventilation

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Product Description

Premium Quality Seat Cushion

Thoughtful and Practical

The cushion is a thoughtful and practical gift for taxi drivers, constant travelers, or people who commute to work. The seat cushion is perfect for your car seat; especially if you sit for long hours. 

Universal Fit

The cushion is  54 inches in height and 16 inches in width. Because this cushion fits to almost all types of seat, you can simply put it over the anterior surface of the chair and tie the string in the back to secure its position.

Stress Free All Day

The Zone Tech Wood Beaded Seat Cushion is designed to give you an effortless and gentle back and thigh massage while you are seated in your car seat, office chair and the like. This is the kind of comfort you would wish to feel after a very long day at work or any stressful event.

The seat cushion provides a stress free all day comfort at work. The seat cushion is perfect for your car seat; especially if you sit for long hours.

The cushion is great for vehicles with uncomfortable seats such as trailer bus. This helps to soothe your body while driving.

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