Puncia 12V Electric Heated Travel Coffee Mug For Car Smart Heated Coffee Mug Warmer With LCD Temp Display and Control (Black)
  • TEMPE CONTROL - You can set any temp from 10℃ to 90℃ . Easy to use add coffee or other drinking into mug and use \"+\" or \"- \" button to set temp then press power button to start . Suggestions: you can set Coffee 65 degree ,tea 55 degree ,baby milk 40 degree,Noodles 90 degree.100℉=38℃ 110℉=43℃ 120℉=48℃ 130℉=54℃ 140℉=60℃ 150℉=65℃ 160℉=71℃ 170℉=76℃ 180℉=82℃ 194℉=90℃
  • LCD TEMPE DISPLAY - You will see your coffee temp before drink .LCD have two color model .LCD will display the actually temp and working status. RED is heating BLUE is constant your temp or standby. Your drink is waiting for you when you see BLUE light.
  • INNER CUP CLEAN- We need to wash inner cup after we drink coffee,Screw out inner cup and you will take out stainless steel inner cup for washing.PLEASE NOTE- Put inner cup back after it dry and be sure assemble in place .Easy and Convenience.
  • SAFE FOR USE- Smart coffee mug system will shut off automatic when system test abnormal work.For example no water in mug, voltage too high or too low .Our system will stop and display error code\"ER\" ,you will have problem but not broken.
  • MORE USE- Please choose our adapter or other suitable adapter (110v-12V6A) in market ,You will find error which review video display ,he use lower adapter so it can't use and display error code .
  • Black
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Puncia 12V Electric Heated Travel Coffee Mug For Car Smart Heated Coffee Mug Warmer With LCD Temp Display and Control (Black)
Puncia 12V Electric Heated Travel Coffee Mug For Car Smart Heated Coffee Mug Warmer With LCD Temp Display and Control (Black)

Product Description

  • 1-Size: 9 in*3.5 in, Capacity : 13OZ or 380ML ,Voltage: 12V ,Power: 60W ,Material :PP+ 304 stainless steel .
  • 2-Temperature control from 10℃ to 90 ℃ ,You can set any degree you need it ,that's great for different demand.
  • 3-Two LCD display model-Blue and Red , LCD Red is heating mode ,LCD Blue is standby model or keeping warm .It's convenience to see coffee mug working state ,just see LCD blue or red .
  • 4-Food grade PP material cup body and 304 Stainless steel inner cup ,stainless steel product with seamless welding production process ,Our inner cup have any welding line,so it have any wedding dross,I am sure my 304 stainless steel cup is the safest electric coffee mug.
  • . 5-You can mix the different color parts if you have 2 or 3 different color mug .For example Red lid + green cup body or Blue cup body + red inner cup + orange lid or any others you want.You will have yourself color mugs,different with any body .
  • 6-Safe is the most important point if we choose this products,we have many protection program in our system . Our car coffee mug have anti-dry protection system ,it will keep your mug and your car safe.It will cut off power automatic when system test problem ,such as No dry heating ,Current Lower or higher,Voltage Lower or higher .
  • 7-Our smart mug is really smart ,it will display error code listing when test abnormal .You will see "ER" error code on LCD display, please press power button and you will see error code"181" means lower voltage "182" means higher voltage "183"means lower current lower "184" means higher current "186" means hot protect "187" means Un-normal voltage
  • 8-This item just have cigarette charger ,not including the AC room adapter .You can search this code on amazon "B07R4MGKCP"if you want to use in office.
  • 9-NOTE :Don't use room charger which lower than 12V 6A ,One customer review video shows mug not work in room .He use small adapter lower than 12V6A ,System will warming .Our item just for 12V ,can't use for 24V bus or truck ,you can buy a 24V to 12V converter.
  • 10-Trouble Analysis and Solve:
  • A--Use in room and not work ,LCD from Red to Blue soon when you press start button.
  • Reason--Adapter/Room charger LOWER than 12V6A , How ---Change big adapter --110/12V~6A
  • B--Products not continue heating when after work 5 mins or 10 mins late,
  • Reason--Inner cup not in place after you assemble again , How-- Stop heating and be sure inner cup screw tight enough.
  • C--Products not work in car when first time use.
  • Reason--Car central control system cut off outlet power ,as we know some of this car will be(TOYOTA--COROLLA,YARIS,VIOS; HODON-- FIT,VE-1,CRIDER; PEUGEOT--301.308.401 ; CITROEN; KIA --K2,K3; HYUNDAI--i3,ENCINO .) PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDER .
  • How-- Change working model from 3 to 2 . -
  • Long press Power button and will see "3" ------use "+" or "-" to change "2" ----- short press power button to confirm your setting .-----long press power button to "exit " .System will record your setting in future . That's Ok . Set temp and start again.
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