Turn On Personal Water Based Lubricant, 8 Ounce Bottle for Smooth Skin, Easy Clean-Up, and No Sticky Mess

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Product Description

Imagine you’re on the very top of the tallest, most snow-filled mountain you’ve ever seen. The snow looks pure, as slick as can be. You’re with all your friends, and you’re there for an experience you know will last forever. With one loud cheer from someone on the right, you all plunge down the snow-filled mountain, head first for the experience of a lifetime.

Turn On’s water-based lube has you reliving this moment again and again thanks to the company’s patented, liquid silk formula. Experience pure snow and pure bliss with Turn On.

Turn On Water Based Personal Lubricant is clean, pure and simple. You’ll love the silky, sexy sensation you get from this moisturizing formula. Use it to relieve personal dryness, soothe sensitive skin and to intensify pleasure. Once you are satisfied, simply wipe it away with a damp towel. It leaves no sticky residue so nothing will come between you and your partner. Discover a new Turn On for you and your partner with Turn On’s premium water-based lube.

This lube for dryness never leaves you feeling dry and won't get sticky during use. A moisturizing feel allows you to spend more time focused on the special interaction between your partner and you, and less time focused on having to clean up afterward. Once everything is over you can easily wipe away whatever is left with a wet cloth or hand towel.

Oh, and the discrete and sleek packaging means you can quickly turn the bottle around or stash it somewhere to easily blend into any surrounding.

Don’t worry about opening and closing it after use. The easy-to-use disc cap removes all the worry from your experience so you can remove the cap, apply once, quickly close the cap, and get back to an experience that will never end.

Get more pleasure out of your intimate experiences.

P.S. If you’re looking for a personal lubricant to intensify your intimate sessions then look no further.

Turn On’s water-based lube is perfect for anyone looking for a clean and undeniably sexy approach to personal lubrication. This company has kept things clean, pure, and simple to ensure you fully immerse yourself in the experience without distraction. You won’t encounter any odor, fragrances, or stickiness that take you out of the moment with this lube. Whether you’re having an intimate session with your partner or having a relaxing solo session, you’ll love the smooth, silky, natural-feel of this adult lube. It lasts for long stretches without needing reapplication, too, so you can keep the intimacy going all...night...long…

Discover your new Turn On today.

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