MojaFiber Flush Microfiber Bath Towel- Luxury Bath Towel Maximum Softness Absorbent Eco Friendly - Great for Showers Bath Pool Beach Lake Outdoor Sports Yoga - 27' x 47' Set of 2 (Grey)

Product Description

Chemical Free Living

There’s a reason cleaning chemicals, by law, have to include “poison control” instructions in their labeling.  Their intended function is to sterilize (or kill) living matter and can be dangerous to the human body if ingested.  Though we’d never purposefully drink these chemicals, we often breathe them in and have contact with them.  The other problem is that the chemicals do nothing to actually remove the bacteria and micro-carcasses from your surfaces.  MojaFiber’s super dense fiber count sweeps away up to 99.9% of all the nastiness without any need of chemical additives.  Over time, this can save consumers a lot of money and decrease exposure to potentially harmful substances.

MojaFiber vs Cotton and Standard Microfiber

MojaFiber is 7X more absorbent than cotton, yet much more capable of releasing biofilm and bacteria when washed.  Microfiber clearly outperforms cotton when it comes to cleaning and absorbency, but it’s important to note that not all microfiber is created equal.  The difference in quality stems from the density, or number of fine fibers per square inch.  Most microfiber cloths have hundreds of thousands of fibers per square inch that are 1/100th the width of a human hair.  MojaFiber, however, has approximately 1.6 MILLION fibers per square inch that are 1/200th the width of a human hair.  This is what does the “heavy lifting” so to speak, sweeping away all the gross stuff, without the use of harmful chemicals.

MojaFiber For Body

The popularity of our MojaFiber cleaning cloths led us to expand with a line of premium MicroFiber cloths for face and body, including the following:  our Premium Face Cloths, Luxury Body Towels, absorbent Hair Turbans, and Body Wash Cloths.  The ability of MojaFiber to remove dirt and debris, and then release it all by simply rinsing or washing with warm water, offers consumers an effective, money-saving alternative to disposable cotton products.

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