Anpro 3m LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, Makeup Lights with 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs, Three Light Cot Color Modes can be Adjusted, Perfect for Makeup Mirrors, Bathroom Lighting (Mirrors are not Included)

Product Description

Anpro 3m LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Anpro LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

You can place the lights in any place you want to decorate such as the bathroom, the dressing table, the dressing room or the wall etc.

Step 1: Check that the mirror surface is clean and dry, make sure there are no dirt, oil and water stains, otherwise.It will affect the firmness and durability of the adhesive.

Step 2: Depending on the size and shape of the mirror, place 10 bulbs and mark them. The maximum distance between bulb and bulb is 33CM,the minimum is 15CM.

Step 3: Tear the stickers on the bottom of the bulb, and then glue the bulb in the desired position.

Step 4: After installing the bulb, connect the 4-key controller to the bulb.

Step 5: Insert the adapter into the socket, then insert the USB connector into the adapter. After power up,press the switch and the bulb will work.

Anpro LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit
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