Mysterystone 69 Pcs Kit Clay Dough Party Pack with Letters, Numbers, Operator, Doh Extruder Machine, Stamps, Cutters, Molds- Mega Tool Playset in Storage Bucket (Random Color), Multicolor

Product Description


MysteryStone 69pcs Clay Dough Tools

This is the pack with the highest quantity of dough tools you can find on Amazon.Almost includes all the tools you will need in playing clay dough.

Let’s find what we have:

  • 26 Letters of the Alphabet (A to Z)
  • 10 Arabic Numerals (0 to 9)
  • 5 Arithmetic Signs (+- x÷=)
  • Extruder Machine Set with 2 shape plates
  • 4 x New shape of Insect Molds
  • 4 x Cartoon Stamps
  • 4 x Ring, People and Fan Shape Cookies Cutters
  • 8 x Animal Cutters
  • 4 x Normal Dough Tools
  • 1 x Tools Bucket

The benefits of play dough play are numerous and kids of all ages have much to gain from engaging with play dough activities. During the whole process of playing , children keep squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening play dough. It’s great for strengthening muscle tone in their little hands. By using a variety of materials and objects in playdough play can enhance the kids’ hand-eye co-ordination. With helps from our tools, provide them with more possibilities to create all sorts of things with playdough, inspiring creativity and encouraging use of their imaginations.

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