GOCuces HO Base 36W 4FT T8 Led Tube Light Bulbs,Dual-Ended Power,Ballast by Pass, 3600LM Clear Cover AC100-277V for 60W F48T12 Fluorescent Lamp Replacement in Signs, Cooler, Freezer,Shop 10-Pack

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Product Description

We proudly presents our excellent LED T8 bulbs in the engineering lighting,commercial lighting and residential lighting to customers.

GOCuces T8 4FT 36w LED Tube Lights (Dual-End Powered&Ballast by pass) equal to 60w fluorescent tube light.very brightness

up to 3600lm,while keeping very low heat output.

4FT LED V shape tube light light are ideal replacements for F48T12,F48T8, F48T10 fluorescent fixtures, just simply ballast by pass.making

LED conversion easier than ever,No more waiting for old fluorescent tubes to “warm up” or turn all the way on! No Flashing light, good for our


Very suitable for LED lighting in factories, freezer,garages, workshops, Advertisement box.hallways and son on.

Our T8 LEDs come in a wide type of color, size and compatibility variations, we constantly seek to improve and develop state of the

LED tubes in order to exceed our customers' expectations.

At GOCuces, we strive to set new standards not only with the quality of our products, but also with the quality of our product support.

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