Wearwell Natural Rubber 224 UpFront Scraper Grease Resistant Mat, Slotted, for Outdoor Entrances, 3' Width x 5' Length x 5/16" Thickness, Black

  • OUTDOOR MAT: Doormats dimensions measure 3’ X 5’, 5/16 inch thick. Durable rubber compound resists the elements. Large door mats for entrance. Widely used for all weather outdoor front door, exterior patio, entry way, porch door, garage and commercial uses.
  • LOW PROFILE & FASHION: Its floor-hugging design will keep it from snagging on swinging doors. Suitable for residential spaces as well as commercial uses.
  • SCRAPE DIRT & EASY CLEAN: Pliable ridges scrape off dirt, dust, grit, mud, grass or snow. Easy to clean with broom or hose and is UV resistant.
  • REDUCE: Greater than 33 percent post industrial material.
Retail Price: $39.23
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UpFront scraper mat's popular and classic design effectively scrapes debris, snow and rain off shoes, containing it outside. Its pliable and durable rubber compound is highly resistant to harsh outside elements. Similar products are offered as "rental laundry" mats. But there is no need to launder this mat. Simply hose it down or shake it off and it's ready to go. For use at heavily trafficked outdoor entrances, water or drink fountains. Its pliable and durable rubber compound is highly resistant to harsh outside elements and its low profile accommodates tight doorways. Wearwell carpet mats are designed to lower your maintenance costs and still be easily maintained. For best results, all mats should receive scheduled cleanings. However, if the mats get excessively dirty, take them outside and shake them to remove excess dirt and debris. If necessary use a hose (avoid extremely high pressure or high temperatures) to wash them off. Then allow the carpeted mats to dry before bringing them back inside. Carpet mats can be maintained the same way you maintain your carpeting. Vacuum them daily, and extract or shampoo them when dirt builds up.
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