Clockwise Tools DIMR-0105 Dial Indicator Gage Gauge and Magnetic Base 0-1 inch Measuring Tool …

0-1" DIMR-0105 with Magnetic Base
  • Measuring range: 0-1\"; Resolution: 0.001\"
  • Flat Back or Lug Back Option Included (hole size 6.5mm); Stem diameter: 3/8\" and dial diameter: 2\"; Twist and locked bezel, no need a tightening screw and easy to adjust the scale position; Featured anti dust cap
  • Pro grade; Smoothy movement; Featured carbide anvil ball
  • 2 Magnetic faces available; Max pull 176 lbs (30mm and up thickness metal countertop/surface required for 176lbs pull)
  • Manufacturer Certificate Included; 100% satisfy guaranteed
Retail Price: $54.57
Wholesale Price: Inquire Now

Product Description

Clockwise Tools company is a carrier that provides a diverse selection of high cost-performance tools, home appliances, and other accessories. We have Clockwise Tools and VINCA two brands that offer quality products aim at meeting the needs of both professional and home DIY market demands. We commit ourselves to bringing the highest standards of service to our customers, and take advantage of the value feedback in order to make us better. So far our core products are digital calipers, dial calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, dial indicators, and other measuring tools. We are also keeping launching new products to supply market demand.

Dial Indicator Install

Dial Indicator Install

  • Loosen screw A and make sure the hole has enough space for dial indicator stem
  • Insert dial indicator and tighten screw A. Please do not tighten too much avoid damage the dial indicator
  • Adjust screw B to a appropriate position
Dial Indicator Install

Base adjustment

Activate Magnetic Base

Turn on

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