Remington Russell Hobbs KE5550CRR Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle, Cream

"Sleeping in on a rainy day, laughing with friends, sipping a warm cup of tea –it’s the smallest pleasures that bring us the biggest enjoyment. Now you can experience the simple joy of a Russell Hobbs Retro Style Electric Kettle. Whether you’re new to electric kettles or have been enjoying them your entire life, you’ll fall in love with the innovative features of this charming kettle. Not a tea drinker? Quickly boil water for oatmeal, hot cocoa, French press coffee, or instant soup and more. The retro-style design adds timeless beauty to any kitchen, no matter your kitchen style. Features like durable stainless steel construction with a pull-off lid, drip-free spout, and cool-touch handle make it as practical as it is elegant. The water temperature gauge on the front of the kettle simplifies the process of heating water to precise temperatures. The water level gauge on the rear of the kettle shows markings up to 1.7L, and the inside of the kettle features level markings for quickly boiling 1-3 cups of water. Additionally, the removable anti-scale filter helps prevent mineral buildup from passing through the spout. Enjoy the perfect cup, at the perfect temperature every time. It’s that simple."

From the manufacturer

ten coup coffee

Retro Style 10-Cup* Serving Coffeemaker

The RUSSELL HOBBS Retro Style 10-Cup* Coffeemaker joins modern functionality and elegance for a premium coffee experience.

*Cup equals approximately 5 ounces (varies by brewing technique)

ten coup coffee

Retro Style 10-Cup* Serving Coffeemaker

one bagel

Retro Style 2-Slice Toaster

two bagels

Retro Style 4-Slice Toaster

hot water tea

Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle

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