Yankz! Surelace No Tie Elastic Shoelace System with 2 Locks (Pack of 2 Pairs)
  • NO TIE SHOELACE SYSTEM: Never tie your shoes again! Yankz! SureLace shoelaces turn any pair of shoes into a pair of slip-ons. Perfect for heading out the door for a run or in a race transition area.
  • ASSEMBLED IN USA: Our shoelace system is assembled and packaged in the US, by local, American workers. Packaging contains 1 pair of elastic laces, 2 adjustable Yankz! locks, and 2 clips for adjustment near the toes.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: One pair of Yankz! SureLace shoelaces fits any pair of shoes ankle height and below, kids or adults. Install, adjust, and lock your laces in place. Simple instructions make them fast and easy to install.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Our laces make your shoes fit better! Achieve a quick, custom fit with 2 points of adjustment (one at the ankle and one at the toe.) Walkers,runners, cyclists, and multi-sport athletes love the custom feel of their shoes with Yankz! installed.
  • PERFECT FOR ANYONE: Yankz! SureLace elastic no tie shoelaces are great for walking, running, cycling, CrossFit, triathlons, and other activities. They also make life easier for your aging parents or your kids. Tie their shoes once and never tie them again!
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Yankz! Surelace No Tie Elastic Shoelace System with 2 Locks (Pack of 2 Pairs)
Yankz! Surelace No Tie Elastic Shoelace System with 2 Locks (Pack of 2 Pairs)

Product Description

Yankz! SureLace Elastic Shoelace System - Never Tie Your Shoes Again!

The Yankz! SureLace elastic shoelace system has been designed to provide a comfortable, adjustable, time-saving alternative to the standard shoelace. Replacing your laces with Yankz! will make things easier in life’s busy moments. Enjoy time-saving comfort, and never tie your shoes again!

Your Yankz! package will include: 1 Pair of Elastic Shoelaces, 2 Yankz! Locking Devices, and 2 Clips for additional adjustment near the toes.

Our Promise to You:

We value our customers and our employees and strive to do our best every day. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’d love the chance to make it right. We stand behind everything we do and want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you’re not, please let us know.


Never Tie Your Shoes Again!

The Yankz! SureLace system allows any pair of shoes to become slip-ons. When putting on your shoe, the laces stretch and provide the room needed to fit over your heel. The 2-point locking system keeps tension on the lace, so it doesn’t shift or loosen. Traditional laces can be tied in a way that allow for easy removal and insertion, but that compromises the fit of the shoe. The Yankz! SureLace system gives you the flexibility to easily put on and remove your shoes without sacrificing comfort and fit.

Along with comfort, fit, and convenience, the Yankz! SureLace system provides the following benefits:

  • 2 Points of Adjustment: Other locking shoelaces only adjust at the ankle. For a truly customized fit, Yankz! are adjustable at the ankle AND at the toe. This provides total control over the comfort of your shoes.
  • Simple Installation: You can be up and running in your Yankz! in less than 10 minutes with our easy-to-follow installation instructions and videos.
  • One Size Fits All: Yankz! work on any shoe ankle height and below, from kids to adults. No need for sizing – simply install, adjust, trim, and lock your laces in place. That’s it!
  • Tie Shoes Just Once: If you have young kids or aging parents, something simple like tying your shoes can become a real hang-up. With Yankz!, you only need to tie your shoes once. Make life easier with the ease and simplicity of Yankz!

Who Can Benefit from Yankz!?

Runners: As avid runners ourselves, we know nothing beats a good pair of shoes. We also know that runners are picky about what goes on their feet. During your run, Yankz! will stretch with your foot allowing maximum comfort throughout your workout. When you gear up for a run, your shoe will feel the same every time - without the need to adjust your laces.

Triathletes: We developed the Yankz! SureLace system out of a love of multi-sport events. Triathletes love Yankz! because they save valuable time in transition areas. And while other no tie laces save time, our 2 points of adjustment allow total control over comfort and fit – even in a time-sensitive situation.

Parents: Parents love Yankz! because of the independence their kids feel when they can put their shoes on themselves. Kids love Yankz! because of the many colors they can choose from. Save time every day by installing Yankz! in your kids’ shoes.

Elderly/Disabled: Independence is important as we get older. If you care for aging parents, you know what we mean. Yankz! are an alternative to traditional shoelaces that allows our loved ones to retain some independence and dignity. Others that can benefit are stroke victims, those recovering from surgery, and those with limited dexterity due to injury or other disabilities.

Yankz! Quality and Craftsmanship - Born in the USA

Save Time When it Matters

The Yankz! SureLace system is perfect for your next race! Save time and frustration with traditional shoelaces when you install Yankz! in your favorite running shoe.

Works On Every Shoe

We worked tirelessly with manufacturers and athletes to perfect the Yankz! SureLace system. Your Yankz! can be installed on any shoe ankle height and below.

Local Company – Local Roots

Yankz! laces are assembled in the USA. When you purchase a pair of Yankz! shoelaces, you’re helping to provide a job and income to families in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

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