JAJALE Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet for Pond,Aquarium,Fish Tank,Fountain,Hydroponics
  • Beautiful New Look, Safe, Reliable and Super Quiet. Stainless Steel impeller shaft is resistant to corrosion. Low power consumption. Epoxy Sealed, High Grade ABS Pump Housing, No Sand. Stator Bobbin wound with Pure Copper Wiring, No Aluminum. UL-Certified Plug and Copper Enameled Power Cables.
  • Easy to Install and Clean. No tools required to install, uninstall or disassemble. 5 ft long cord for easy power access. 3 strong suction cups keep it in place, so you can stick it on the side of the aquarium or other smooth flat surface, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Adjustable flow rate. Max Flow Rate: 800 GPH, Max Lift Height: 9.8 ft. As flow is increased, lift is decreased and vice versa.
  • This submersible pump is designed for small to medium size aquariums, tabletop fountains, water gardens and hydroponic systems. Backed by 12-month warranty and professional after-sale service within 24hrs
  • Compact Size. Dimensions: 5 1/4 x 4 x 3 in. Fits 1/2\", 3/4\" and 3/5\" ID tubing connector.
  • 800 GPH
  • Blue; 1 Pack
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JAJALE Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet for Pond,Aquarium,Fish Tank,Fountain,Hydroponics
JAJALE Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet for Pond,Aquarium,Fish Tank,Fountain,Hydroponics

Product Description

We provide discount aquarium supplies for hobbyists on a budget. All of our products are safe, sturdy and well-designed. Here you can purchase aquarium pumps, fish tanks and filtration media. You will save by buying directly from our factory.

Thanks to the latest designs of water pumps and bottom filtration tanks, your water aquarium setup will be clean and easy to maintain. Each fish tank over 55 gallons includes a professional LED lighting system, a water pump and filtration media. Our 55-gallon tanks come with a free LED lighting system. In addition, instructions for fish care and installation are included.

Our smaller water pumps range from 53-710 GPH. These pumps are lightweight, affordable, and easy to disassemble for simple daily maintenance. Although these pumps are quiet, they efficiently fulfill the circulation requirements of your aquatic pets. The flow rate is adjustable by a knob on the side of the pump, ensuring that the flow does not exceed the limits of your ecosystem. These pump systems are perfect for the water circulation needs of small to medium-sized aquariums, small fountains, and anywhere a water pump is needed. As you install your new water pump, you will be pleased by its convenience and ease of maintenance. In addition, instructions for fish care and installation are included. A full set of filter media is also included for tanks larger than 55 gallons.

small water pump, water pump

DB-300 Water Pump

Our products have a beautiful new look while sporting a safe, reliable electrical design that is super quiet. The 66 GPH DB-300 submersible pump is an excellent choice for meeting the circulation needs of any small freshwater aquarium, desk fountain, or other indoor water feature. The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise. The flow rate is adjustable, and it is easy to disassemble and clean. Its three suction cups make it easy to stick to the side of an aquarium wall. We use epoxy resin to encapsulate the pump housing around the motor for fully sealed insulation. The pump housing is made of new, high-grade ABS polyethylene. Power cables and plugs are made of copper enameled wire instead of the cheap, unsafe aluminum wires. The pump is only recommended for freshwater use.

small water pump, water pump

66 GPH DB-300

water pump, submersible, aquarium, fish tank

105 GPH DB-335

pump, water pump, aquarium, fish tank, submersible, freshwater

210 GPH DB-6612

water pump, pond, aquarium

800 GPH DB-6630

Adding Style to Your Interior Design

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Chic Aquariums

With several chic styles to chose from, our fish tanks come ready to decorate. They come with a filtration system hidden in the cabinet so that your immersive ecosystem will not be interrupted by artificial tubes and wires. Our tanks are reinforced by a sturdy titanium and magnesium frame that will hold up for decades.

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