Shumee Wooden Elephant Rattle and Teething Toy for Infants, Babies(6 Months+) - Organic, Natural, Grasping, Clutching Montessori Shake Toy - Polished with Beeswax (Wooden Elephant Rattle)

Product Description

What you get:

An adorable elephant that captivates and delights your adorable little one. Designed and created especially for tiny clutching hands, teething gums and curious minds. Gentle rattling sounds soothe and engage the baby, drawing attention toward the direction of the sound. This rubber wood toy provides tactile, sonic and visual stimulation. Suitable for highly sensitive hearing of new-born babies. Perfect playmate for your growing infant. Fosters imagination. Builds curiosity, motor skills and first skills. Material: handcrafted in rubber wood and polished wit natural beeswax, this wooden rattle is made from natural materials and safe, non-toxic, water-based dyes with your baby's safety in mind

rattle toys for babies shumee wooden toys

How you benefit

Suitable for highly sensitive hearing of new-born babies. The gentle rattling sounds soothes your infant, while drawing attention toward the direction of the sound. Stimulates active engagement & imagination. Did you know? A simple rattle can amuse and engage your baby as well as aid in his development. By integrating rattles into daily playtime with your baby, you can promote and strengthen your child’s motor abilities and help him reach cognitive milestones, which involve his ability to think and reason.

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