EZTAT2 V System Tattoo Cartridge Needles 10 Bugpin 11 Magnum Long Taper 20 Pcs for Tattoo Machine Supply
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EZTAT2 V System Tattoo Cartridge Needles 10 Bugpin 11 Magnum Long Taper 20 Pcs for Tattoo Machine Supply
EZTAT2 V System Tattoo Cartridge Needles 10 Bugpin 11 Magnum Long Taper 20 Pcs for Tattoo Machine Supply

Product Description

[About EZ VS Tattoo Cartridges]

The V-Select Cartridges features with precision positioning system and elastic membrane to generate the extreme performance for tattooing. (V-System)

V-Select exclusive precise positioning system insulates the vibration of the needle for added precision to create the exact movement and instruct the exact pixel the way you want. (Precise Positioning System)

Elastic Membrane.

Discover the sophisticated tattoo with V-Select. The objective reviews from professional tattoo artists as above images, we all can't miss this more professional innovation!


1. What's the difference between VS and EZ other tattoo needle cartridges?

A: Please check all the descriptions and features of EZ VS carefully. We advise you'd better purchase EZ VS Cartridges to try them now, you will gain different experience.

2. How many coufigurations?

A: Now we publish 100 sizes to sell and satisfy your different needes for tattooing. Please view each pages till the end, you can find camprison links to other sizes as you want.

3. They are suitable for permanent makeup?

A:According to your work needs, small sizes as 1,3,5 we can choose from 0.3mm bugpin, and our brand will launch next batches of needles for it.


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tattoo cartridge needles RL

Round Liner with White Needle Cap

White cap for round liner, Orange cap for round shader, Green cap for magnum, Red cap is curved magnum, smart storage and pick it up speedly.

tattoo cartridge needles RL

ez tattoo cartridge round shader

ez tattoo cartridge mag

ez tattoo curved magnum

RL RS magnum curved magnum
Round Liner (more click here) Round Shader (more click here) Magnum (more click here) Curved Magnum (more click here)
#12 Regular 0.35mm
#10 Bugpib 0.3mm
Long Taper
Regular Medium Taper
Bugpin Medium Taper
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