FERA PET ORGANICS Glucosamine Chondroitin Chews for Dogs - All Natural Hip and Joint Supplement with MSM, Omega-3, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Turmeric - Advanced Max-Strength Vet Formulated

Product Description

GRAIN-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE! Our ADVANCED FORMULA is all natural, made with the highest amount of active ingredients in one soft chew. No artificial colors, dyes, or harmful preservatives! Made in the USA.

Practicing veterinarian and pet acupuncturist, Dr. Michelle Dulake DVM, developed this PROPRIETARY BLEND made with proven, human-grade ingredients with one thing in mind – to formulate a POTENT joint supplement that is effective for her patients and all dogs, young and old.​

​TURMERIC CURCUMIN is a powerful natural remedy with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that can revolutionize your dog’s health from head to paw. There is perhaps no nutrient on the planet more effective than turmeric curcumin at promoting a healthy inflammatory response in your dog’s brain, heart, joints, and throughout their entire body. It has been shown in numerous studies to support brain and cardiovascular health, tame joint pain, improve mood balance, boost immune system health, promote detoxification and much more!

The ONLY SOFT CHEWS with Organic Curcumin (NOT A TABLET!) Picky dogs are infamous for rejecting unappetizing tablets. Avoid the stress of tricking or forcing your dog to eat tablets. Give them a soft chew that is healthy AND delicious!

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