CLAVUZ Gel Polish Kit 12pcs Soak Off Blue Nail Polish Salon Beauty Nail Art Manicure New Starter Gift Set

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Product Description

CLAVUZ Blue Gel Nail Polish

  • CLAVUZ offers kinds of gel polish,such as top coat,base coat,no wipe top coat,matte top coat,color changing gel polish,glitter gel polish,and magnetic gel polish and so on.More than that,our company offers different color series polish,like nude,pink pink purple,blue ,red,coffee brown,gray.....CLAVUZ blue gel nail polish set are easy to apply,super shine finish, two weeks or more of no chip protection,suitable for everyone who love nail art,and it is a perfect gift for you family and friends!

CLAVUZ Blue Gel Nail Polish Set's Feature

  • Package:12pcs blue gel nail polish + 1pc gift box + 1pc nail wheel
  • On like polish,wears like gel,off in minutes
  • Long lasting for at least 2-3 weeks
  • It requires drying under UV or LED lamp
  • No grinding.No filing.No drying time after application
  • Color resistant, flexible and shiny resistant to any test
  • Both fit for natural nails and artifical fake false acrylic nails
  • Advantage:alternative, affordable, elegant, exquisite set

How to Use Gel Nail Polish ?

Step 1: Clean nails then push back cuticles and trim nail surface as normal manicure treatment

Step 2: Apply base coat nail polish, and cure under UV nail lamp for 2 minute, LED nail lamp for 30 seconds

Step 3: Apply color coat in a thin application, and cure under UV nail lamp for 2 minutes, LED nail lamp for 30-60 seconds

Step 4: Apply a second color coat, then cure under UV nail lamp for 2 minutes, LED nail lamp for 30-60 seconds. Apply the third color coat if necessary

Step 5: Apply top coat and cure under nail lamp for 2 minutes, LED nail lamp for 30-60 seconds

Step 6: Wipe off tacky surface with cotton soaked with cleanser(if you use no wipe top coat,please ignore this step)

Gel Nail Polish 's Q&A

Why did the gel polish chips peels quickly ?

  • Not file the nail slightly.If you want the polish last longer,the first step is important,file the nail and keep them dry
  • May be your base and top coat are not good quality.
  • Base and top wear too thick or inhomogeneous then it will peels easily.

Why my gel polish need over 10 minutes to dry ?

  • Excluding the factor of the dryer lamp, It is actually dry quickly.
  • Please don't forget to use the nail cleanser or the rubbing alcohol to wipe the sticker layer after curing the top coat.

How to remove you gel polish ?

  • 1.Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 3-5 minutes.
  • 2.Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.
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