PARTU 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Sealing & Vacuum for Dry/Wet Food Savers w/ 11" x 118" Sealer Bag, 2 External Suction Pipe for Fresh-keeping Tank and Clothes Storage(Do Not Include Canisters)

Product Description


PARTU Vacuum Sealer Machine- A good helper in the kitchen!

Vacuum sealing your food is a great way to stock up on in-season produce without waste and even save some money on your meat purchases. Since air can be harmful to food and may cause it to spoil faster, a vacuum sealer allows you to keep food longer while also maintaining its freshness.

PARTU Vacuum Sealer works well to remove all air from the bag in order to freeze food and keep it frost free and fresh longer. You can actually dry age your meat, Steaks, chops, veggies, cookies, even nuts.

Key Features

  • It seals real good for both moist and dry food.
  • it has something to cutting bags and making bags in a good chap.
  • It saves you a lot of space in the freezer and in the pantry as well and it will save you a lot of money too.
  • This vacuum machine can easily help me cut the vacuum bag with cutter, you don't need to use scissors to cut.
  • The vacuum bag is used once and can be recycled for reuse after cleaning, so there is no need to worry about waste or even environmental problems.
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