[250 Count] 32 oz Freezer Containers And Lids - With Non-vented Lids to Prevent Freezer Burn - Premium Heavy Duty Quart Ice Cream Containers Frozen Dessert Supplies

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Product Description

Here at Frozen Dessert Supplies (or as we like to call it - FDS) we are focused on you and your items. We ensure that every product that leaves our family owned business is packaged with love, joy and happiness so that when you open your box you get a great big "FDS Smile" on your face.

  • In every grocery store in America you see high quality ice cream cartons that protect ice cream from frostbite. Unlike other cheap products that are found on Amazon and elsewhere that are specifically made for hot products or storing food in the refrigerator our ice cream containers & lids are specifically designed to protect your food in the freezer. With a lid that seals the food from the harmful conditions of the freezer you can be sure that no moisture will enter into the container and destroy your food.
  • Whether you are searching for a container to protect your homemade ice cream, your fro-yo that you just can't throw away we can help you protect the food that you love most. If you're a business looking for some generic containers that have ZERO branding on the outside you've come to the right place. Our products have no branding on them.*
  • We are always looking to please our customers so if there is an item that you'd like to see us carry please don't hesitate to ask and we will do all we can to help you out. Our Main Goal Is To Help Build Individuals, Families, Businesses, and Communities. One Cup, One Spoon, At a Time.
  • *There is a small product description & identification number underneath the cup to help us & you organize the cups better but is not visible unless you look underneath the cup on the lip. The Frozen Dessert Supplies name IS visible underneath the cup. But no other branding is visible on the sides, inside or on top of the lid.
Compostable To Go Containers

We Offer Many Types of Cups & Containers!

The Cup on the left is something special! It is a 100% compostable cup! Call it whatever you'd like, it's coated with a special PLA coating instead of the plastic coating that other cups typically use. We offer several other types of cups too!

Compostable To Go Containers

Compostable Paper To Go Containers & Lids

Pink Polka

Pink Polka Dotty To Go Containers & Lids

Kraft Brown Containers & Lids

Kraft To Go Containers & Lids

Vented To Go Containers

Vented To Go Containers & Lids

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