Baby Feeding Set - Silicone Suction Plate for Toddlers, Baby Spoon First Stage, Spoon and Fork Set (Pink)
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Baby Feeding Set - Silicone Suction Plate for Toddlers, Baby Spoon First Stage, Spoon and Fork Set (Pink)
Baby Feeding Set - Silicone Suction Plate for Toddlers, Baby Spoon First Stage, Spoon and Fork Set (Pink)


Product Description

Why our baby feeding set ?


Smooth mash or purees

Your baby’s tongue will push forward and food will come back out at first

Small amounts once a day


As the amount of solids increases, the volume of breast/ formula milk will decrease

Encourage finger foods, self-feeding and mess

Babies learn by coping: eat with your infant and include him at family meal


Your infant is now biting and chewing onto family foods and family meals

You can now cut out early morning milk feeds

Suction Plates for Toddlers - our toddler plates are perfect for little ones learning to self-feed. Great to use on highchair trays or tables. A straight side allows kids to belly up to the plate, allowing less of a mess. ( suitable for STAGE 1, 2 and 3 )

Soft Tip Feeding Spoon - A baby spoon for first stage , long enough non-slip silicone handle comfort to hold and angled for easy feeding. Right Size for Infant mouth. ( suitable for STAGE 1 )

Spoons and forks set - weaning spoons have shallow scoops and feeding forks have durable and rounded tips; Sized just right for your toddler, with little handles that are easy to grab; It helps to develop baby's grasp , hand-eye coordination or dexterity by learning to use a fork or spoon ( suitable for STAGE 3 )

These baby plates with suction plus spoons and forks set are ideal set for baby led weaning !

Baby feeding Set includes:

Package - Baby Feeding Set

  1. Silicone Suction Plate for Toddlers X 1
  2. Soft Tip Silicone Spoon X 1
  3. Spoon and Fork Set X 1
  4. Transparency case for Spoons and Forks Set X 1

1. Silicone Suction Plates for Toddlers Baby plates with suction adheres to most surfaces, so the toddler plates and the meal will stay in place. Now you could keep your toddler in place easily! ( suitable for weaning STAGE 1, 2 and 3 )

Baby plates for toddlers are made of high quality food-grade silicone, BPA, lead and phthalate Free! Dishwasher safe.

Tips: Place the Silicone Grip Dish on a smooth and flat surface.

2. Silicone Soft tip feeding spoon A Baby Spoons First Stage , long enough nonslip handle comfort to hold and angled for easy feeding. Right Size for Infant’s mouth, easier for your baby to eat. ( suitable for weaning STAGE 1 )

Tips: Clean by boiled water to protect the baby spoons

3. Spoons and Forks set Learning spoons and forks set can be bent left , right or forward 90 degrees without rebounding , easy to help right/left-handed baby to scoop up food better at any angles; It is designed according to the way baby holds spoon, which shortens feeding distance and makes baby's self-feeding much easier. ( suitable for weaning STAGE 3 )

4. Transparency case Spoons and forks set comes with transparency storage box is EASY TO STORE - small enough for you to carry for travel with your little ones. Just put it into your diaper bag, your baby utensils will still stay clean. Reduce chance to contact with gunk and goo.

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