Pinwheel Crafts Light-Up Tracing Pad for Kids, Provides Ultra Bright LED Light for Easy Tracing, Includes 10 Fun Tracing Designs, 12 Colored Pencils

Product Description

A New Spin on Playtime

Are you tired of your kids spending countless hours playing video games, staring at their phones, tablets or other devices? Have you been searching for activities both challenging and exciting enough to capture their attention and inspire their imagination? If you can relate, you have come to the right place.

At Pinwheel Crafts, we are committed to creating simple, hands-on crafts that allow kids to focus on creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn that fun doesn’t depend on wifi access. In fact, many studies show that participating in arts and crafts from a young age can help children develop fine motor skills and gives teens and adults an outlet for stress.

From our origami kits to our glitter slime and our fridge magnets to our pendant jewelry kits, our crafts inspire creativity in kids and kids-at-heart. We challenge you to unleash your imagination and embrace your creative side!

Trace the Day Away

Whether for a quiet-time activity, fun on the road, or simply to create their next impressive masterpiece, the Pinwheel Light-Up Tracing Pad is the perfect place to let your kids’ imaginations run wild! At Pinwheel Crafts, we believe art and design should be kept simple and relieve – NOT INDUCE – stress! The Light-up Tracing Pad is a mess-free, compact and portable solution to design time. The super bright LED light allows our traceable designs or any other designs your child may find to show through the blank canvas without heating up and causing discomfort.

Our complete tracing kit includes:

  • LED-lit light-up pad
  • 10 sheets of traceable designs
  • 10 blank sheets
  • 1 graphite pencil
  • 12 full-size colored pencils
  • USB adapter
  • Outlet adapter

With everything she needs to create her own masterpieces, your child can trace the day away while developing hand-eye coordination and creativity too!

Escape to Magical Worlds You Create

Castles, dragons, fairies, and unicorns... an underwater world where mermaids swim amid colorful fish and seafloor fauna – wherever your child wants to go or whatever world she wants to create is a trace away with our expertly drawn designs. Mix and match the designs to create entire fairy tale scenes or magical worlds where anything is possible. Simple place the desired design on top of the light-up pad, turn on the light, place an empty sheet over the top and start tracing!

Our designs include:

  • Castle Mist Background
  • Castle
  • Mushroom House
  • Underwater Scene
  • Dragons
  • Fairies
  • Mermaids
  • Unicorns
  • Girls on a Swing
  • ‘Fairy Tale Saying’ Typography

Add more designs to your kit by simply finding anything you want to trace!

Light Up Creativity!

Mess-Free Fun
Craft time often leads to clean-up time. And while we are definitely proponents of getting in and getting messy for creativity’s sake, sometimes a mess-free activity is necessary! With nothing more than a high-quality pencil, full-size colored pencils, a sheet of paper and our thin and easy-to-use light-up pad, endless creative fun awaits as your child stays busy imagining and creating her fairy tale worlds.

And while no mess is nice, many parents appreciate even more no wifi or gaming devices for a few hours!

Take Your Art on the Go
Thin, light, and portable, the Pinwheel Light-Up Tracing Pad is a conveniently compact activity that doesn’t take up much space and is durable enough for use anywhere. Pass the time on a road trip or store it easily where your child can use it often. With a USB adapter and regular outlet adapter, you can light up the pad almost anywhere.

Give the Gift of Imagination
Perfect for birthdays, holidays, special achievements, or “just because,” the Pinwheel Light-Up Tracing Pad makes a great gift for any child. Whether artistically inclined or new to creative crafting, most every child will love the chance to trace mix and matched designs into a fairy tale world all their own. Get a kit today and give the gift of imagination!

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