YnM Cooling Bamboo & Cozy Minky Dual-Sided Cover for Weighted Blanket (48''x72'')

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Product Description

YnM is a premium-grade weighted blanket that helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.

After years of research and practical application and learning from our countless customer feedbacks and reviews, the YnM R&D team achieved this fabulous 2.0 Weighted Blanket.



1. YnM weighted blanket is the most breathable one due to the unique technologies in manufacturing so it boost better temperature control than others. But it may also feel hot for hot sleepers in warm days due to its weight, so a fan or an AC is recommended in summer. In cold days just add a YNM minky quilted duvet cover which can add warmth & snug feeling.

2. If you are tall than 5’5”, you should choose queen or king size weighted blanket with the length over 80” long, or your feet may stick out the weighted blanket .

3. A weighted blanket would small than same size ordinary blanket because it is supposed to cover your body other than your bed. Please be rest assured it is correct size when you see a twin/queen weighted blanket is smaller than anticipated. It is OK when a weighted blanket can’t barely cover the mattress.

4. For the first few nights, you may feel it is too heavy or too light weight. Getting used to a weighted blanket takes about 2-7 days, please bear with the magic weighted blanket a few more days.

5. Please choose separate weighted blankets if body weight varies much between you and your partner(>100lbs difference)

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Fabric+Filling Cotton Minky Bamboo Goose Down Cotton, Minky Cotton+Glass Beads
Features Breathable Warm & Soft Cooling & Silky Breathable
Package include One Duvet Cover One Duvet Cover One Duvet Cover One Duvet Cover Two duvets+One weighted inner layer One weighted inner layer
Size Twin, Queen, King Twin, Queen, King Twin, Queen, King Twin, Queen Twin, Queen Twin, Queen, King
Color Solid Colors or Printed patterns Solid Colors or Printed patterns Solid Colors or Printed patterns Dark Grey Solid Colors or Cute Printed Patterns Solid Colors & Printed patterns
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