Nano Leather and Suede Protection Environmentally Friendly Waterproof Coating Suede and Leather Protector for Boots, Shoes, Car Seats, Jacket, Furniture, Bag. Water, Oil and Stain Repellent 8.45 oz.

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Product Description

What is Nano - Leather and Suede: It is a formula dedicated to the protection of leather and suede. It is a natural, transparent and ultra-thin, water-based coating, does not cause environmental damage safe to use. The natural coating creates a barrier to repel water, oil, and stains from leather and suede.

Keep your leather and suede protected and looking like new The protective coating does not harm the initial properties of the coated object, such as color, softness to the touch, flexibility, and prints. The robust UV durability assists in preventing drying out and cracking of the leather, thereby extending its lifespan. While other protectors need to be applied constantly, our technology allows for coating every several months or even a year.

Material Keeps Breathing The material possesses the property of constantly “breathing”, which enables it to be used for clothing and other more delicate leathers. “Breathing Action” is critical for leather and the human body. This is an element of unprecedented importance that transforms the surface into a “one-way valve”.

From the Exterior Inwards: It repels water and oil, preventing absorption and stains.

From the Interior Outwards: There is a smooth and constant “permeation” action of the heat and humidity from the body towards outwards.

Suitable for: It is suitable for most types and compositions of natural suede and leather, open or closed inverted leather. It protects and assists in preventing water and other liquids absorbency, dirt, stains, contamination, secretions and more. Examples of Common Uses: For industries such as furniture, shoes and boots, handbags, upholstery, car, bus and aircraft seats, riding saddles, wall coverings and more.

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