Ezi – Spreader Handheld with Adjustable Hole Size Handy for Fertilizer Lawn Seed Salt to Deice Insect Repellent and More Heavy Duty Comes with a Spare Lid

Product Description

The Ideal Spreader

This multi-purpose unit can be used for any or all of the following home and garden jobs. Fertilizer, grass seeds, weed killer, ant killer, Insect repellent, deicer, salt, diatomaceous earth, planting and any other job which requires granules shaken onto an area. This means you get accurate placement and even coverage for a perfect result everytime without having to touch the product with your hands.

Adjustable Hole Size Lid

Critical for any good spreader is an adjustable hole size. This adjustable lid has seven different settings built in. This means that with a simple twist of the lid you can set the perfect flow rate for the material you are using. No more over pour or under pour. The lid also closes off completely to allow you to store product in the container or simply prevent spills when not in use.

This Spreader will last many years of use. It has a flexible ergonomical designed handle which means it will fit your hand size and will not hurt your wrist even with a large 75Oz load in the container.

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