20x24x1 Electronic Air Filter Including Year Supply of Replacement Pads - Homeowner Installed- Simply Replace Your Current AC Furnace Air Filter and PLUG IT IN!

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Product Description

Wingman1 Filter Overview

The 1” electronic Wingman1 filter utilizes the latest technology, with superior design and efficiency, enabling it to capture over 97% of airborne particles .25 micron and larger. This includes Pollen, Household Dust, Bacteria, Pet Dander and Smoke that can trigger allergic reactions. The Wingman1 filter powerhead is powered by an adapter that can be plugged into a standard outlet. The adapter is similar to a cell phone charger. When the charge created by the powerhead is applied to the center screen it creates an electrical field, that causes the respirable sub-micron particles to adhere to the filter pads like a powerful MAGNET. If your heating or cooling system uses a one-inch thick washable or throwaway type of pleated or fiberglass filter, simply slide the Wingman1 air filter into the old filter slot. Plug the 24-volt AC adapter into a nearby electrical receptacle and take control of your home’s indoor air quality! The Wingman1 is also a perfect replacement for an existing electronic air filter.

The Benefits

  • Home Owner Installed (No Tools Necessary)
  • Great for reducing airborne allergens such as bacteria, particles that carry viruses, pollen, mold spores, fine dust, and pet dander
  • Allows more airflow than pleated filters
  • Effective in reducing indoor .02 to 1 micron air particles
  • .14 in. w.c. pressure drop (Standard Pleated .26)
  • Great energy savings versus restrictive pleated filters
  • No Ozone emission

What's Included?

  • Electronic Air Filter (Wingman1)
  • Plug in adapter with 6 foot cord
  • Opening Tool
  • 4 sets of replacement pads (8 Pads - 4 Changes)
  • Installation and Operation Manual

Sturdy For Any Orientation!

The Aireman Filtration System consists of a sturdy, hinged aluminum frame. This frame supports two epoxy powder coated aluminum screens. Inside are two special fiber collector pads, with a central aluminum screen separating the replaceable collector pads. The power head, which runs on 24 volts, supplies high voltage to the collector pads via the center screen. This generates a high value electrical field which transforms the special long-strand collector pads into a mass of polarized fibers which pull particles out of the air much like a powerful magnet attracts iron filings. The provided 6-foot cord ensures the WINGMAN1 can be installed in any 1" filter rack orientation.


Horizontal Filter Rack


Vertical Filter Rack


Drop-in Filter Rack


Return Grille


Fiberglass filter

THE ALL IN ONE FILTER SOLUTION! The use of technology made it possible for the Wingman1 to be the overall most efficient 1" filter available. The Wingman1 1" electronic air filter offers superior air flow while capturing harmful indoor air particles. The Wingman1 is an electronic air filter that can easily be installed by a homeowner without any expensive wiring or duct modification.

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