Toiing Smalljoys Journal - Everyday Gratitude Journal to Develop Positivity in Kids | Kids Birthday Gift | Gift for Kids | Kids EQ Range of Games | Activity Booklet (5 Year Old & Above)

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Children are a bundle of complex emotions, just like grownups but with fewer life lessons and less exposure. However, just as our children can develop their motor skills and improve their IQ, they can also learn to manage their emotions from an early age & improve their EQ or Emotional Quotient. Research proves that emotional intelligence not only helps your child exceed at studies and handle stress but also helps them become better leaders. While it does sound complex, we have attempted to make the process fun, exciting and enriching at the same time with unique experiential products. We have crafted a range of comprehensive & immersive activity kits which introduce subjects like empathy, anger management, resilience & interpersonal skills to kids in a fun, engaging way through play. To bring these kits to life, we've added a dash of superhero fun with curated animated content featuring superhero granny Mimo who helps kids navigate the world of emotions in a fun way with her band of quirky Emos.

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