Petra Battery Backpack Sprayer with Custom Fitted Cart and 100 Foot Commercial Hose, 2 Hoses Included, Commercial Quality Heavy Duty Sprayer (HD5000 6.5-Gallon with Reel Cart)

Product Description

Quality control testing and final assembly on each sprayer completed at our testing centers in the USA!


We have spent extensive time, researching, developing, testing and implementing quality control measures to create a dependable and long-lasting sprayer.

The Petra Pump is designed to spray weeds, trees and more.

The pump is built to last, with durable chemical-resistant components that won't be damaged by pesticides.

Works well with most chemicals you need sprayed: including Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer, Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides, Wet and Forget Moss Mold Mildew spray, Roundup, Thomsons Water Seal, Mark It Blue, Spray and Forget, and many more.

Plastic wand is compatible with acids and bleaches.

Includes multiple attachments and accessories!

The Petra HD-5000 Reel Cart Sprayer is perfect for commercial spraying and at-home spraying use.

Perfect for use with natural bug repellents!

Perfect for vegetable garden, fruit trees, Photonia shrubs & all your growing needs.

Perfect for Zika Protection , Ticks carrying LYME disease and other pests.

Perfect for spraying for spider mites, noseeums, biting flies, sandflies,etc.

Perfect for spraying greenhouses, basements, attics, crawl space, roofs, chicken coops and woods.

The PETRA HD-5000 Reel Cart Sprayer is industrial grade and can spray a wide variety of pesticides, acids, bleaches and more. This portable unit can be carried around by the user with the comfortable backpack straps as the liquid is dispensed.

Get The Ultimate Performance With The HD-5000 Reel Cart Sprayer

Get The Job Done Right With The Petra HD5000 Reel Cart Sprayer

Get The Job Done Right With The Petra HD5000 Reel Cart Sprayer

You deserve top quality when you spray. The Petra HD5000 Reel Cart Sprayer is your answer to get the job done right.

backpack cart sprayer petra battery powered sprayer mosquito fogger 11 gallon cart sprayer heavy duty Petra Battery Powered Sprayer Reel Cart
Petra Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer With Custom Fit Cart (6.5 Gallon) Petra 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer Petra Battery Powered 12 Gallon Cart Sprayer Petra Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer With Custom Fit Reel Cart (6.5 Gallon)
8 Hours Battery Life Electric
Nozzle Attachments Multiple Nozzles & Pistol Spray Heavy Duty Handle Heavy Duty Handle Multiple Nozzles Multiple Nozzles & Pistol Spray
Wide Mouth Lid
Hose 100 Foot Hose & 4 Foot Hose Two 4 Foot Hoses Extra-Long Commercial Hose 100 Foot Hose 100 Foot Hose & 4 Foot Hose
Handles 2 HD Handles Heavy Duty Handle Heavy Duty Handle 2 HD Handles 1 Multipurpose HD Handle
Custom Cart
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