KIDDO Glasses Blue Light Blocking and Filtering EyeGlasses For Kids Premium Protection Anti Screen Glare Lens Filtering 90% of Computer, Tablet and Phone emitted Bluelight (Blue)

Product Description

Eye Protection You Can Depend On

Its a digital world, a world where screens are all over. Kids stare at screens pretty much a third of the day.

The more kids look at these screens, the more they cause damage to their eyes resulting in retinal damage and lack of sleep.

Kids need protection from the things they use on a daily, mobile phones, computers, TV monitors.

You can trust the Verona Love Bluelight Blocking Glasses to take care of your loved ones eyesight.

Why Us ?

  • The Verona Love Bluelight Blocking Glasses filter over 90% of Harmful bluelight.
  • Short and long term benefits include better sleep, less migraines and eyestrain.
  • The Verona Love glasses come in stylish and fashionable fits that are great for formal and casual occasions.
  • The eyeglasses and frames are carefully made from high quality materials ensuring comfort and durability
  • Not sure? Get free valuable pre-purchase consultancy
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