All Natural Loofah Sponge, Set of 2 Real Egyptian Bath & Shower Exfoliating Loofa Scrubber Sponges for Face, Back & Body, Eco Friendly, No Toxic Chemicals, 6" x 6" by Crafts of Egypt

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Say hello to luxury pore cleansing

Pure, 100% natural and raw, CraftsofEgypt Natural Loofah is your premium solution for loofah sponge. Longer and wider in diameter, with a looser knit than the Common Loofah, our authentic Egyptian loofah is here to provide:

.. more thorough

.. more comfortable

.. and supremely luxurious pore cleansing

Why the luxury Egyptian loofah?

Due to the softer nature of the natural & raw Egyptian loofah (also known as Luffa or Leefah), this loofah sponge is comfier & more thorough in washing than common loofah when bathing or showering. Because it is not irritating, and quite contrary it indulges and deeply cleanses the skin, it can be used daily with your favorite body wash.

Add this natural loofah to your body wash routine to:

- remove dry & dead skin

- thoroughly & deeply cleanse your pores

- boost circulation & revitalize skin

- smoothen, refresh and pamper skin

Don’t miss the opportunity to cleanse your skin in the natural way!

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