Medokare Commode Liners with Absorbent Pad, 24 Liners - Fits Any Standard Bedside Commode Bucket Potty or Toilet Commode Pail – Disposable Commode Liners for an Adult Commode Chair

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Product Description

Medokare Commode Liners with Super Absorbent Pad - 24 Pack

commode liner with absorbent pad

Essential For Anyone Who Uses a Commode

Our Medokare commode liner is a quality MEDICAL GRADE sanitary bag equipped with a unique a SUPER ABSORBENT PAD which turns body liquid into a gel in a matter of seconds! This single use item has a UNIVERSAL DESIGN to fit to most commode pails, commode bucket and bedside toilet liners. Designed and recommended to avoid commode soiling. Great for home, while traveling, in hospital health institutions or as bedpan liners. Improves daily living for both the user and his or her caregiver.

Unique Super Absorbent Technology

Our unique super absorbent pad will absorb 16oz/450ml of body fluids and turn it into a manageable gel so can be dealt with easily. No more spills, no more mess.


Making cleanup quick and easy, each disposable commode liner is leakproof and includes an absorbent pad that holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. Suitable for any type of bedside commode pail, the leakproof liners eliminate unpleasant odors and messy commode pails. Each box contains 24 unscented commode liners and 24 absorbent pads


✔✔ SUPER ABSORBENT PAD SOLIDIFIES WASTE to prevent spills, turns body fluids into a gel for quick, simple and easy hygienic clean up. Each commode liner includes a super-absorbent pad to reduce splashes and spills. Holding up to 16 ounces of liquids, the super absorbent pads solidify the liquid and trap unpleasant odors

✔✔ NO MORE ODORS, SPILLS, OR SPLASHES once you seal the commode bags with the integral bag pull straps and perfect for adult potty liners. Unscented, the commode liners effectively help neutralize unpleasant odors.

✔✔ MEDICAL GRADE HYGIENIC PAIL BAG - Universal designed fit any standard or bariatric commode pails, commode bucket and toilet liners. Each liner has a drawstring for easy, sanitary and spill-proof disposal

✔✔ PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL - Great for home, while traveling, in hospital health institutions or use as bedpan liners. Improves daily living for both the user and his or her caregiver

Medokare Commode Liners

The Medokare Commode liners result from years of experience, research and development. We make our liners thicker than most of the other online generic brands.

Commode Liner Disposable Bags

The Medokare Commode Liners aim to match the strict standard of the hospital industry and their strength ensures you to avoid any leaks.

Medokare Commode Liner

Medokare Commode Liners are part of a complete range of premium products caring for the elderly adults and family members.

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