Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps, Parmesan, 2.25 Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)
  • Baked Cheese Crisps: These naturally lactose-free snacks use 100% natural parmesan cheese baked with certified gluten-free organic ancient grains - quinoa oat bran and brown rice - into thin, crunchy, cheesy crisps
  • Bulk Up the Snack Cabinet: Tired of snacking on empty calorie potato chips and low-carb snack bars? Need a paleo cheat day? Try beginner keto-friendly Cheese O's, Crisps or Crisp Bars for a higher protein cheese snack
  • Gluten Free: Sonoma Creamery's gluten-free Cheese Crisps, Cheese Crisp Bars and Cheese O's have the savory crunch of pork rinds, chips or paleo crackers, but with a whole grain and high-protein boost
  • Guilt Free: Looking for a guilt-free snack to match your healthy lifestyle? Our cheese crisps, Cheese Crisp Bars, and Cheese O's have a whole grain crunch, but more savory flavor than granola bars
  • Quality Since 1931: You'll love Sonoma Creamery's delicious hand-crafted cheese snacks if you like cheese crisps, cheese crackers, cheese snack bars, low carb snack bars or keto snacks
  • Parmesan
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Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps, Parmesan, 2.25 Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)
Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps, Parmesan, 2.25 Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)


Sonoma Creamery Parmesan Crisps are baked, never fried and naturally lactose free. We use only 100% natural 10-month aged parmesan cheese made with milk completely free of artificial hormones. Then we bake it with a sprinkling of certified gluten-free ancient grains - Organic Quinoa, Organic Oat Bran and Organic Brown Rice - into thin, crunchy, cheesy crisps. Each serving has 10g Protein and 0g Sugar, and is certified Gluten Free. At the core of Sonoma Creamery’s success is a commitment to using the best all natural ingredients, rBST free milk with no artificial hormones to produce superior cheese. Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of California's Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Creamery was founded in 1931. From the beginning, we believed in a simple concept– use the best milk and produce quality cheese. With that in mind, Sonoma Creamery and Sonoma Jack were born. Recently we have added to our fresh cheese product lines into healthy shelf-stable snacks, Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps and Mr. Cheese O’s. These gluten free, on-the-go crunchy real cheese snacks are perfect for snacking, dipping, or topping.

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Bacon Cheddar 10oz Parmesan 10oz Cheddar 10oz Pepper Jack 10oz Everything Cheddar 10oz
Protein per serving 10g 10g 10g 10g 10g
Gluten Free*
Sugar per serving 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g

* Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America on 3/31/2018. Certificate ID 66340

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