SALBAKOS Cambridge Ultra Luxury Hotel Collection & Spa Bath Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Towels Made in Turkey 700gsm Eco-Friendly Bulk Save (6 Piece Set, Blue)
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SALBAKOS Cambridge Ultra Luxury Hotel Collection & Spa Bath Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Towels Made in Turkey 700gsm Eco-Friendly Bulk Save (6 Piece Set, Blue)
SALBAKOS Cambridge Ultra Luxury Hotel Collection & Spa Bath Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Towels Made in Turkey 700gsm Eco-Friendly Bulk Save (6 Piece Set, Blue)


Product Description

We Believe in Being 100% Genuine

Our luxurious SALBAKOS Bath Towels are made in Turkey using the latest technology in weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, embroidery, and packaging to provide you with the softest bath towels for you and your family.Our softer and more durable towels don’t use any bleach in the manufacturing process. This makes all the difference in the quality of your towels. You will feel the difference in softness immediately, and will find the perfect color to match your home décor. With our 100% genuine Turkish Cotton, you can expect your premium bathroom towels to get even softer over time.

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Your Luxury Hotel & Spa Collection Bathroom Towels:

  • Softest towels that stay soft
  • Deluxe 700 gsm
  • Super absorbent and heavy towels
  • Set includes 2 bath towels (27"x54"), 2 hand towels (16"x30"), and 2 wash cloths (13"x13")
  • Hems are double-stitched for extra durability
  • Extra large (27 x 54 inches) Bath Towels
  • Vat-dyed for 8+ hours so white color remains bright
  • Great gift idea
  • Absolutely ZERO pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • 100% genuine Turkish cotton luxury towels


We Outweigh the Competition— Literally

If you were to compare our Salbakos Bathroom Towels side-by-side with other leading bath towels, our Salbakos Bath Towels weigh more than a full pound more and are a full inch longer than other towels. Plus, we have chosen to use a herringbone weave to give you a truly luxurious spa experience. Enjoy the superior difference of using our Salbakos 4-Piece Bath Towel Set!

Complete The Set

With many styles and 10 colors of 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Towels, SALBAKOS provides the complete package of washcloths, bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets, and bath mats to meet all your needs.

  • Hand Towels measure 16 x 30 Inches
  • Washcloths measure 13 x 13 Inches
  • Bath Sheets measure 35 x 75 Inches
  • Bath Towels measure 27 x 54 Inches
  • Bath Mats measure 20 x 30 Inches

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can you use bleach on these towels? A1: No, please do not use bleach on these towels. The bleach will discolor the towels, make the fine cotton less soft, and break down the cotton fibers for a shorter life.

Q2: Are SALBAKOS towels chemical-free?

A2: Yes! All of our towels are Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning that they are chemical-free and pesticide-free.

Q3: Can I use fabric softener on these towels?

A3: No, please do not use fabric softener on these towels. Fabric softener and dryer sheets leave a chemical film on the towels, making them less absorbent.

Q4: Do these towels shrink after first washing and drying?

A4: Not if laundered properly. We recommend following the Washing and Drying Instructions listed at the bottom to ensure you have a long-lasting towel. Higher heat settings will cause cotton to shrink, so you must wash and dry on cooler settings to ensure your towels maintain their original size and shape for many years to come..

Top-Quality Bath Towels Created to Last for Years to Come

SALBAKOS towels are designed and engineered with double-stitching on the hems creating a durability that is unequaled. These towels provide you with many years of soft comfort and bath towel luxury.

All of our high-end Bath Towels are made using the highest quality cotton yarns. These yarns are spun using only long staple cotton to provide you with extremely soft and durable bathroom towels that actually get softer with time.

Washing Instructions:

To ensure that your luxury bath towels stay soft and hold their color, we recommend following these machine washing Instructions:

  • Before use, we recommend removing excess lint and shedding on the towels
  • Towels can be washed in warm or cold water
  • Wash before use for the first time, as this will get rid of the excess lint and shedding leftover
  • Wash towels alone, do not include with other clothes/loads/colors
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener at any stage of the washing process, this will strip the color away from the towels, break down the cotton fiber. If you do this, no refunds will be issued.
  • We recommend washing the towels after 3 to 4 uses. The more often the better, as this helps create a softer, more luxurious feel

Drying Instructions:

To ensure that your towels pass the test of time we recommend following these Drying Instructions:

  • Dry towels right after they come out of the wash to prevent dampness and a lingering smell
  • Tumble dry on low/medium heat
  • Do not iron the towels to prevent burning and cotton degradation
  • Take towels out when they are 95% dry to prevent overheating
  • Wash and dry 2/3 times before use to ensure maximum absorbency
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