Uten 20Pcs DIY Ornament Balls Christmas Decorations Tree Ball 3.15"/80mm Clear Fillable Baubles Craft for New Years Present Holiday Wedding Party Home Decor

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DIY Ornament Balls


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On Christmas day, the ordinary transparent Christmas ball is not so ordinary.

A little Christmas ball can not only make the atmosphere of the family more harmonious and full of love,

but also be able to express your wishes and friendship with your parents, teachers, friends.

DIY Ornament Balls

Usage scenarios:

  1. In the Christmas day, the light bulb (need to buy their own) into the inside of the transparent Christmas ball, hanging on the Christmas tree, faint yellow light gentle shone in the house, the snow, everything seems so quiet, so full of flavor of love;
  2. The candy bag into the inside of the transparent Christmas ball, give my dear friends and simple gifts, but can reflect the strong friendship between each other, may friendship ever last.
DIY Ornament Balls


  • Diameter: 3.15"/80mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: polystyrene
  • Quallity: 20pcs ornament balls

Package include:

  • 20 x Christmas Clear Balls

Warm Tips:

The tip to match a ball is unpacking all the packing and finding out the A & B sides.

They are mixed packs and there are 5*A side and 5*B side in per pack.

The edge of A side is convex, and the edge of B side is concave. You can use your hand to touch it, to feel it.

Some customers have not unpacked all the packing so they could not find out the A & B side.

If you still can not find the A & B sides, please do not worry, and send us a photo of all the half balls without packing.

We will help you to find out the A side & B side.

Ornament Balls Ornament Balls
80mm 100mm
Size 80mm / 3.14" 3.94"/100mm
Color Clear Clear
Quantity 20-Pack = A Side(20PCS) + B Side(20PCS) 20-Pack = A Side(20PCS) + B Side(20PCS)
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