Saridjo Donut Pillow Cushion | Extra-Large 22” Inflatable Medical Seat w/Pump for Hemorrhoids, Surgery Recovery, Back Pain, or Postpartum Healing (22-inch, Black)

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Product Description

WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED We know how difficult it is to sit down for those with fractured tailbones, bed sores, anal fissures, perineum pain, hemorrhoids, and ulcers. For that post-surgery or and postnatal, comfortable sitting is a crucial part of recovery. This chair cushion protects your buttocks and the pelvic area from impact and pressure while providing a comfortable seat.

COMMUTING COMPANION Don’t leave home without your Saridjo donut pillow. These chair cushions are light, compact, portable, and easy to stow. Make sure your back and rear are supported wherever you’re heading, and use it in the car, train, bus, and even during long flights.

COMPLETE COVERAGE Our 22” diameter cushions are the largest size available. They’re specially designed to provide full hip and butt coverage, as well as even weight distribution to meet the sitting needs of males and females.

IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE Donut pillows prevent slouching to help improve your posture. Sitting on our chair cushions can also promote better blood flow and encourage natural body healing.

AIR PUMP INCLUDED There’s no need to break a sweat when trying to inflate your new donut pillow. Use the included air pump, and your cushion will be filled with air and ready to use in seconds.


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