LKE 100pcs Eyeshadow Stencils Professional Pads Under Eye Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches for Eyelash Extensions/Lip Makeup

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Product Description

eyeshadow sheilds

Tip for eyeshadow sheilds

Material:Non-woven fabric

1.Not only for eyeshadow,eyelash and lip,If you are nail art lovers,Using the pads instead nail stickers or spill prevention clip also perfect.

2.The eyeshadow include two strip,If more adhesion is needed, Please remove entire full strip and keep the face not greasy.

3. If less adhesion is needed, You can just entire part of strip or try to “patting” the back on something sanitary and then apply.Or refrigerate some times in the fridge.

4.Every friends may have different feeling of using this eyeshadow pads,We not make sure it will suitable for all customer,But we make sure the the Non-woven fabric are soft and breathable,This eyeshadow Shields it is clean and safe for your skin.

5.We are improving our quality and service of all products,if you need help,or have any suggest ,please tell us anytimes,We will help you with 100% sincerity.

eyeshadow sheilds
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