ONUPGO White Liquid Chalk Markers Pens 2 Pack, Chalk Markers for Chalkboard Signs, Windows, Blackboard, Glass - Kid Safe, Non-Toxic, Water-Based, Dustless & Erasable |3/6mm Reversible Tip

Product Description

The ONUPGO liquid chalk markers are tremendously easy to use for kids and adults of all ages.

  • Without breaking a sweat about wiping it off because it is as easy as the word itself. Now you can make a beautiful design on where you want drawing and not be bothered about a difficult cleanup afterwards.
  • When you open the new pen case first time the pen point was dry is truly, please follow the instruction on the pen body and well shake times and then press the pen tip 20-30 times or more to let the pen tip full with white ink( Please repeat if haven't full with ink ) then write,the pen can working. The use way of the pen allows the ink not easy to volatilize for long-term storage and use.

Liquid chalk marker brings both kid’s adult’s drawing and to life

* This beautiful liquid chalk ink pens are excellent for non-porous surfaces like as below:

Home or car Windows, blackboard, Slate chalkboard, Mirrors, Chalkboard Stickers, FOR SALE sign boards, paint laminated woods, stickers for organising your kitchen mason jars and containers.

* The ONUPGO liquid chalk markers are kid-friendly,

These markers are designed with health of your kids in mind; these markers are non-toxic, water based, and odour free. So you don’t have to bother about the health of your kids while they use ONUPGO liquid chalk markers.

* The ONUPGO liquid chalk markers have a reversible tip makes it easy to do a fine, clean and bold work.

This reversible tip marker pen will help both kids and adults have endless fun creating holiday decorations for Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween, birthdays and so on. The reversible chisel/bullet offers more options to business owners, bar owners, restaurants and adults in general.

*Liquid chalk marker brings both kid’s adult’s drawing and to life

With 2 white color chalk markers; that are more exciting and lively than regular chalk, just take time out to think of the beautiful things you or your child can create with this chalk markers .

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