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Curaloe is a dynamic, progressive company located in the Caribbean island of Curacao. We knew that most manufacturers who make aloe vera products used a powder - thus cheating their customers of the many health benefits nature intended. Curaloe decided to revolutionize the industry and use real, 100% pure, aloe vera gel extracted directly from the plant within 3 hours of harvesting. We put our state-of-the art, solar powered, manufacturing facility right in the middle of 100,000 organically grown aloe vera plants. So instead of water and powder, you get fresh, all natural, aloe vera gel as the MAIN ingredient in ALL of our premium products. That's how Curaloe earned the title: "The Plant in a Bottle" Enjoy!

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Healthy Pure Aloe Vera Juice Pure Aloe Vera Juice PLUS Immune System Support Pure Aloe Vera Juice PLUS Digestive Support Pure Aloe Vera Juice PLUS Diabetic Support Pure Aloe Vera Juice PLUS Cardiovascular Support
Boosts Energy/aids Immune System Enhanced with Frankincense
Improves Digestion Enhanced with Basil, Mandarin Peel, Fennel and star Aniseed
Fights Bacterial and Viral Infections Enhanced with Lemon Peel, Camphor Tree, Tea Tree, and Clove Enhanced with Cinnamon, Cardamom, Moroccan Oregano, and Rosemary Enhanced with Lemon Peel
Natural Detoxifier
Supports Cardio System Enhanced with Lemon Eucalyptus and Carrot Enhanced with Lemon Peel, Sweet Marjoram and Paper Bark Tree
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Enhanced with Geranium and Cinnamon
Added Condition Specific Extracts Enhanced with Peppermint and Thyme Enhanced with Peppermint and Lemon Peel Enhanced with Peppermint and Rosemary Enhanced with Mandarin Peel and Labrador Tea
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