Motion-Activated LED Door Light (Battery Operated)
  • Light automatically turns on when motion is detected
  • Ball-shaped head swivels 360-degrees in any direction
  • Easy DIY instructions do not require an electrician
  • Totally weather proof, works for outdoors and indoors
  • Requires 4 C-Cell batteries (not included)
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Motion-Activated LED Door Light (Battery Operated)
Motion-Activated LED Door Light (Battery Operated)
The MAXSA 40230 Motion-Activated LED Anywhere Light automatically turns on at night when motion is detected. This light’s 5 LED lights last virtually forever. Its ball-shaped head swivels 360-degrees in any direction. Requires 4 C-Cell alkaline batteries (not included). This light is perfect for porches, steps, hallways, decks, staircases, bathrooms, sheds, and anywhere else you need light at night.

Motion-Activated Light for Use Indoors or Out


The Battery-Powered, Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light is ideal outdoors for steps, keyholes, doorways or pathways, and indoors for closets, bathrooms or hallways. This light has 5 bright LED lights that automatically turn on when motion is detected in the area when it’s dark. The light head swivels 360 degrees in any direction. This unit is weather resistant; perfect indoors and outdoors. It includes a mounting bracket and requires 4 C-cell batteries (not included).

Motion-activated light brings illumination wherever you need it
Works Year Round, In All Climates

Durable construction with heavy duty encasement is totally weatherproof and has an IP44 weather rating.

Points in Any Direction

These lights can be positioned in any orientation within the base. The base can be mounted on any surface for maximum ease in lighting your trouble spot.

What Makes the Maxsa Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light So Useful?
  • No electrician required.
  • You can add these outdoor lights anywhere.
  • The light only turns on when there is movement nearby.
  • No more stumbling or possibly falling.
  • Scares away intruders as well.
What's in the Box?

Maxsa Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light with Base, mounting hardware, user guide.

Good locations for the Maxsa 40230 and 40231 Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light:
  • Front/Back porch
  • Front/Back steps
  • Front/Back door
  • Over a garage
  • In a carport or covering a driveway
  • Over a side door
  • On a shed
  • In a storage room
  • In your backyard
  • In a hallway

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I put my light anywhere?

A: Your LED Outdoor Light can be placed anywhere as long as it will not be submerged in water. It will activate as soon as it get dark, whether in a dark hallway inside, or the sun is setting outside. If it is near an area with a lot of activity, it may drain the batteries at a faster rate.

Q: How long will the light stay on?

A: The light will stay on as long as it detects motion and the battery has power. It will turn off roughly 30 seconds after all motion has stopped.

Q: What type of batteries does it use and how long do they last?

A: This light uses 4 C cell batteries. They will last for roughly 40 hours of light time, which means they will last about a year with average use. When it is time to replace the batteries, you can find a replacement from any battery retailer.

Q: Will the light stay on all night long?

A: No. This light is motion-activated only. It will stay on as long as it detects motion and the batteries have power.

Q: How dark does it need to be for the light to start turning on?

A: Once the sun starts to set or the lights in the house are turned out, the LED Outdoor light will turn on. If the LED Outdoor Light is in shade, it may turn on earlier.

Q: Does this light need to be hard-mounted and what tool is needed?

A: No, this light can stand on a horizontal flat surface without being mounted. Mounting hardware is provided in case you would like to mount the light to any surface, including a wall or ceiling. You can install the mounting hardware into most surfaces using only a screwdriver, however using a drill to pre-drill holes for the hardware may make installation easier.

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