ROCKSTIX 2 HD BLUE, BRIGHT LED LIGHT UP DRUMSTICKS, with fade effect, Set your gig on fire! (BLUE TWIN PACK - 2 PAIRS)
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ROCKSTIX 2 HD BLUE, BRIGHT LED LIGHT UP DRUMSTICKS, with fade effect, Set your gig on fire! (BLUE TWIN PACK - 2 PAIRS)
ROCKSTIX 2 HD BLUE, BRIGHT LED LIGHT UP DRUMSTICKS, with fade effect, Set your gig on fire! (BLUE TWIN PACK - 2 PAIRS)


Product Description

RockStix2HD are the flagship product developed by the visual music technology brand PowerStix. PowerStix is a UK team of designers and engineers creating light-up drumsticks that are the true originals and the best that money can buy.

RockStix2HD light-up drumsticks can be seen in Hollywood movies such as DRUMLINE: A NEW BEAT, television commercials, televised talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and at live performances by audio/visual DJs and artists.

Drummers all over the world rely on our RockStix2HD light-up drumsticks for their quality, durability and excellent show-enhancing, high-output colored lighting effects.

These sticks are made of the highest quality components for unparalleled reliability, using high-strength polycarbonate (the same is used for riot shields) and the strongest parts and casings to ensure sturdy performance.

Our sticks are suitable for all levels of players, whether you’re a beginner looking to spice up practice sessions, or a professional looking to bring the X factor to shows or YouTube play-through videos!

All RockStix2HD sticks come with high-quality 0%Hg Batteries included which are also replaceable and available through the PowerStix Store.

RockStix2HD are also available in: RED, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE, WHITE, PINK and multi-color change.

The Line-Up

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RockStix Single Color RockStix Single Color Twin Pack RockStix Mixed Twin Pack RockStix 7 Color FX RockStix 13 Color FX RockStix Rainbow Blast
Number of Colours Single Single Single & Multi Multi (7) Multi (13) Multi
Pack Size Single Twin Twin Single Single Single
High Quality
Replaceable Batteries
High-Grade Plastic
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