Larsen Puzzles Seasons of The Year Educational Jigsaw Puzzle - 44 Piece Tray & Frame Style Puzzle - Exclusive Premium Hand Made Puzzles - Imported from Norway

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Learn about the 4 different seasons of the year. The picture in the middle shows the Earth using one year to circle around the sun, and explains why the winter is cold and the summer is warm. Around this illustration is a fixed frame with the names of the twelve months. The big picture outside shows how the nature is changing as the earth moves around the sun.

The Larsen family has proudly been crafting and manufacturing quality jigsaw puzzles for nearly 70 years! All Larsen space saving, tray and frame puzzles are made with recycled board. The pieces are extra thick so your child can enjoy putting them together for years to come. Both fun to play with and educational, most puzzles feature differently shaped pieces to help children with cognitive and fine motor skills. Playing with and solving puzzles are confidence boosters and help build key early problem-solving skills. Parents will enjoy working on the puzzles with their children, as it becomes a pathway to natural conversation. Larsen is a brand you can feel good about purchasing, and now you can buy them in the United States too!

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