CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium (6PACK)【5-Year Warranty】
  • HIGH POWER LITHIUM 3V COIN BATTERY - Are you looking for a lithium button cell to replace the battery in your calculator or other device? 8PACK Beidongli CR2450 can more efficiently extend the life of your device. Getting these 8 super batteries will never disappoint you, and you'll never have to rush to the store to buy batteries again, which means that you can forget your battery for a long time.
  • BATTERY PACK EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR SMALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Beidongli CR2450 provides excellent performance for all your small electronic devices. Sealed packaging design is more convenient and safer for use. It is applicable to: remote controls, calculators, watches, key inputs, computer mainboards, pedometers, PDAs, electronic notepads, garage door openers, game consoles, toys. MP3 players, recorders, LED lights, pet collars, calorie counters, medical devices, and so on.
  • PERMANENT LEAK-FREE HIGH-END ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY BATTERY - Are you worried about the performance and safety of the coin battery? Are you tired of cheap coin batteries that run out of power for a few days or less? Please use the Beidongli high performance battery pack. We assure you that there will never be leakage, and the unique electrolyte formula can enable your device to work up to two years. High quality CR2450 battery makes your device last longer, which has high quality and costs reasona
  • RETAIL PACKAGING SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN’S SAFETY - We are the only factory in China with a paper safety packaging design patent in the battery industry. Button batteries are mostly used in children's toys and small electronic devices. Considering the safety of children, we have set up a professional design team. After many R&Ds and experiments, we finally obtain the approval of relevant testing agencies in China, and are allowed as safety packaging to make market promotion.
  • COIN BATTERY PACK THAT YOU ARE EXCITED TO KEEP BUYING - Beidongli battery pack, CR2450's can perfectly replace the 3 volt lithium batteries:DL2450,CR2450N,ECR2450,BR2450,BR2450-1W,CR2450N,KCR2450,LM2450,5029L
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CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium (6PACK)【5-Year Warranty】
CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium (6PACK)【5-Year Warranty】

Product Description

Beidongli, a professional battery manufacturer, mainly produces high-end batteries for global market. Beidongli All models of batteries perform much better than ordinary brands due to higher capacity and longer lifetime. Beidongli concertrates on researching and developing of high quality batteries with belief that only profession, creativity and effort can build a brand. After years of development, now Beidongli is famous all around the world for top quality, high capacity, long lifetime batteries. Beidongli is professional because it only manufactures high level batteries with advanced technology so as to provide customers with better shopping experiences than ever.

CR2450 battery


Battery parameter

Model: CR2450H

Diameter: 24mm

Height: 5.0mm

Rated voltage: 3.0v

Rated capacity: 650mAh

Standard current: 0.45mA

Maximum current: 15mA

Continuous current: 10uA

Weight: 5.8g

Battery structure and size



1. Don't mess with the batteries and put them together barely

2. Do not throw the battery into the fire

3. Do not solder directly on the surface of the battery

4. Do not charge the battery

5 .Do not split the battery

6 .Do not deform the battery

7. Do not heat the battery

8. Different types of batteries cannot be mixed

9. Proper installation and use of batteries to prevent short-circuiting of the battery and incorrect positive and negative

CR2032 CR2025 CR1632 CR1616 CR1620
CR2032 CR2025 CR1632 CR1616 CR1620
Voltage 3V 3V 3V 3V 3V
Capacity 240mAh 165mAh 135mAh 55mAh 70mAh
Size 20mm*3.2mm 20mm*2.5mm 16mm*3.2mm 16mm*1.6mm 16mm*2.0mm
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Any side must be less than 60cm,otherwise you will be charged the greater one between real weight and volume weight,more than 120cm will be not accepted.
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3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
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